Some cool shaker images:

Kula Shaker
Image by Steffen M. Boelaars
I went to a Kula Shaker concert. For the second time in my life!

Back in 1999, my back then girlfriend-for-a-very-short-time Franzy mentioned the name Kula Shaker to be a must-see at the ‘Lowlands festival’ that I was going to. And she was right. So very much right. More right than anybody has ever been in my life.
The concert was the best I’ve ever been to. I will never ever forget it. (*knock on wood…*)

Sad thing was that only 1 month after I had seen them (I was still in this haze of ‘wow I found a band I truely love’) the television main news told that they had broken up and quit. 🙁

But this year, after 8 years (10 years after their last, and second, album release) they got together again and released a new album and started a European tour! WIth 1 concert in The Netherlands! In the ‘Melkweg’ concert hall in Amsterdam to be exact. Obviously I went there.

And…. oh my… do I remember again why I was so enchanted 8 years ago… This is truly the best band I’ve ever known.

Free Shaker Aamer march
Image by jkdjulia
‘Free Shaker Aamer and close Guantanamo and Bagram’ march in Battersea, Saturday 11th December, 2010

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