So, apparently Pomegranate Clear is the number one selling antioxidant cleanse in America. Why? Well according to their website, they claim Pom Clear contains the most effective ingredients, which are also the most potent, available on the market to day. I tried the product for 60 days. Here is my review.

During our 14 day trial, here are some things we found we really like about Pom Clear:

1) Weight loss was “immediate.” Yes, that term is thrown around a lot, but after only 2 days of use, I had lost 5 pounds of waste and plaque buildup from my colon. It’s hard to believe, but hey, the scale doesn’t lie.

2) After only a week I started seeing a boost in energy level. Why? Well my body was no longer fighting off the bacterial overgrowth in my colon. It sounds disgusting because, well, it is. Think about it. If your body spends its energy fighting off an bacterial overgrowth in your gut, it’s going to leave you feeling drained, and also weaken your immune system.

3) The ingredients of this product are clearly listed on their website. There is no guessing or wondering if you’re going to take something that could hurt you. This means that while taking the product, I did not see ANY side effects.

What I didn’t like:

Weight loss was slowed to about 2 pounds a week after about a month of taking this product. I did still have the energy levels, which was nice, but no longer saw the dramatic weight improvements. As a side not, I took 2 capsules a day, as directed on the labeling.

So what’s my conclusion?

Well, overall I’ve been very impressed with the results from Pomegranate Clear. In the first month I lost just over 20 pounds, and found I had extra energy.

The extra energy was a huge plus and helped me get me up to go exercise and do day to day tasks.

I recommend this product to anyone looking for the “the right” cleansing product. They’ve made a name for themselves, and it’s obvious why. If you’d like to get a risk free trial, check out the Pomegranate clear review page on my website. You can do so by clicking here.

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