by KC Toh

Drinking beer looks as if a tradition pattern for many runners, particularly after the race, they go social parties or running clubs. So you may wonder how it helps running performance better. You may get the latest news for beer running.

Many serious runners will drink some beers before running. No one will drink too much, though I heard about a famous runner drink 9 bottles of beers or more every day. A different excellent marathon runner drinks more than a box of beer every week. I do not know how he can keep the body healthy; because both of them are thin. Drink some cool beer after the fierce running exercise is great to me. It makes up the energy loose in the running process, though it is not too much. Creative Doctor Basler even raised a medical reason for beer. He pointed out that the dehydration caused by long-distance running may cause kidney stones. In particular; training in the hot, dry climate will be dangerous. He said that if you drink water, then your kidney has not been enough water until you no longer feel thirsty. Beer is not the case, every beer drinker be aware of that it directly access to the kidney.

This Doctor’s point view is not agreed by others, he even be accused by Chairman of the Committee against alcohol and drug abuse from South Carolina. But Basler pointed that the deaths caused by alcohol is less than daily foods such as sugar, starch and saturated fat. He believed that a runner who run certain miles ever day, with enough nutrition supply, they do not need to be worried by drink little amount of beer.

However, if you really want to be a seriously runner, you may not decide to drink. After all; it will add people’s weight. Besides, they may break the balance ability of body, and lower the oxygen content, the power of muscle are weakened greatly. As pointed by experts, it also may lower your ability to resist heat. Study does indicate that even a bottle of beer can also affect your ability to run in hot day, and the effect may last for two days.

However, if the problem is to determine the alcohol or stop smoking, I would not hesitate to not stop drinking and quit smoking. As long as you have fifteen cigarette smoking, it can reduce thirty-one percent of the capacity for body to deal with oxygen. In fact, I do not know which serious runners are smoking, I guess none. On the party after running, the pleasant thing is that you can obtain no smoker in the hall that hold more than two hundreds of people. It is hard to image this will happen in such a smoking century.

Not only for that, may beer helps runners a lot after the race. So after a long race, the thing you really want is fluids with enough carbohydrate such as beer. The number is that a can of beer contains about 14 grams of carbohydrate, this is a certain large amount.

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