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The island of Boracay boasts as one of the most sports oriented location in the Philippines. It is a paradise for sports enthusiasts out there, from kite boarding, Frisbee, dragon boat, to boxing, you will definitely keep yourself fit and burn lots of calories. But the most physically fun and demanding workout on Boracay Island is the Dragon Boat race as this sport relies heavily on physical strength and you only need to know its basic form. If you are looking for something physically challenging, fun, non-contact workout then this is the real deal for you. On average you can consume 1000 calories on an hour of Dragon boat training (this is based on a 145-150 pound body weight), this beats hitting the weights at the gym which you can only consume half of the total calories and spending on more than two hours. The work out is pretty basic; you put down the paddle on the water and pull back and repeat, that is it! All you need to do now is to understand the technique, build your pulling strength by doing chin-ups, build your cardio by doing your morning jogs and finally, just row!

As mentioned above, you are going to burn a lot of calories by rowing; you will easily lose weight and build muscle in no time. As such, back up the physical demands of rowing a dragon boat, you need to reserve at least 1000 calories a day. And the best way to do that is to have something pleasurably good to eat and at the same time meets the minimum about of energy required for this sport, consider eating out on a Spanish, Cuban, and Mexican restaurant in Boracay at D’mall just near the Ferris wheel, this Boracay restaurant serves mouth watering dishes that you would never consider thinking of your waist line after you ate here. A suggested high calorie delicious meal would be the Paella combined with chorizo (200 and 400 calories respectively) as the main dish, for appetizers, have some olive tapas (200 calories), and top of with a tasty desert, indulge guiltlessly on Arroz con leche (400 calories) all of which totals to 1200 calories.

The season for the Dragon boat training/race in Boracay starts from January until the race day that is between the 3rd weeks of April to the 1st week of May. As a traveler staying in Boracay for long term, this sport would give you the benefit of supreme fitness and not to mention making new friends with your teammates.

Give the sport a try you’ll get hooked. Try the Spanish restaurant in D’mall, you’ll never get disappointed. If you are looking for a place to stay, they provide room rentals too.

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