Question by martinez_14_armando: start button and the bar next to it dissapeared what do i do?
when something stops responding on my computer and i click to end something then the bar on the button dissaperas along with the start button and im am left with the window that i have open.and when i minimize the current wondow it goes above where the bar that diassapered is supposed to be. is there something wrong? the only thing i can do is restart the computer.

Best answer:

Answer by S?ar of ??e dawn™ (*???)??*?™

??ry pre???ng c?rl + e?c and ?ee ?? ?? pop? ?ac?.

??? c?rl+e?c d?dn’? wor? pre?? c?rl+al?+del
?o ??re ?p ??e ?a?? ?anager.

?on ??e ??le ?en?, ?elec? new ?a?? (r?n).
?ype ?n ?e?plorer? ??en pre?? ?o??.

???a? ??o?ld re??ar? e?plorer and re-d??play yo?r ?a???ar.

?ave a grea? day!!!!…

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