Some people get used to drinking a cup of coffee when they wake up every day. There are also some people. When they work, they put a cup of coffee on the table at any time. And some people need coffee to accompany them all the time. The doctor suggest, do not drink too much coffee a day, 1 to 2 cups is just enough a day. But in the end what time is the best for our body to drink coffee?


When we drink coffee in the morning, coffee can improve constipation, so this function will be particularly significant in the morning, but there is little effect in other times.


We can drink coffee within 30 minutes before eating and after a meal. Coffee can promote digestion, so that you want to play the function to the best, in the 30 minutes before meals or after meal to drink coffee is the most appropriate time. However, because the coffee will affect the body absorb iron, so that we cannot absorb enough iron, especially those who have anemia should try to avoid.


If we drink coffee before exercise, it can enhance metabolism and help burn more calories, so that make the effect of the exercise more pronounced. For the athletes, it also can help them show a better athletic performance. In addition, we often drink coffee when we are tired. The refreshing function of coffee is recognized by everyone, a cup of coffee can let us keep the full spirit for 4 hours, so drinking a cup of coffee after taking a nap, you can stay awake, it is effective to occasional drinking, but for long-term people who always drink coffee, the effect will be small.


In addition to tasting coffee flavor, it is the pursuit of an atmosphere. So many people would like to drink coffee in cafes to enjoy the unique relaxed atmosphere. However, drink more or less has a great relationship to our health.


Doctor said, as for an ordinary caffeine content of coffee, every cup 200cc, a day 2 cups (total caffeine about 150 ~ 250mg) is OK, more than 2 cups, you may have too much risk. Therefore, we should pay attention to drink coffee at the time we enjoy the delicious hot drink.

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