Tiki Bar Designs

For that real Polynesian feel, add a Tiki bar to your backyard. You will love it and your friends will love your for having it! A Tiki bar is a symbol of care-free and relaxing times, making it the perfect place to entertain your friends.

A Tiki bar can transform your poolside, patio or deck into a tropical paradise, enhancing the party atmosphere.

Tiki Bar designs may differ in many ways but the main theme that is central to all authentic Tiki Bars is that of carefree island parties. To endure not only all weather conditions but all kinds of party animals your Tiki Bar designs must make allowance for the wear and tear associated with the occasional booze-up that could get out of hand.

It is recommended that durable materials are used when building your own Tiki Bar – it is after all supposed to be a long term investment and not something you would consider replacing after every major storm or raucous get together.

Tiki bars come in many different shapes and sizes. Your choice of design will depend on your personal preferences, the purpose of the Tiki bar and the space you have available for your bar. Another factor determining the design you choose for your Tiki bar, is your budget. The bigger the Tiki bar, the more expensive it will be.


If you are on a tight budget you can design and build your Tiki bar around an old table using re-claimed wood for the frame work and roof.

Tiki bars originate form tropical regions and the thatch roofs are designed to endure tropical rain- and wind storms. During the hot summer months the roof offers a refreshingly cool shade.

Although there is such a wide variety in Tiki bar designs available you will always find the basic elements of the traditional Tiki bar present. These features include a thatched roof, bamboo finishing and a bar top.

Basically there are two major Tiki bar designs:

The “portable” Tiki Bar: This design is often smaller and works well in areas where space is limited. It has shelves under the bar top and not more than three bar stools.

The Tiki hut: This is the ultimate Tiki bar. The Tiki hut is fitted with an extensive bar, seating area, tables and decking. The Tiki hut is almost like a little house because it is fitted with side panels

All other Tiki bar designs are variations of these two designs.

As long as you follow the basic design of the Tiki bar you are free to fit your Tiki bar with all sorts of accessories such as fans, a bar sinks, lights, glass holders and a bar fridge to keep the well deserved drinks cold.

Decorating your Tiki bar is the fun part because anything tropical goes! Add shells, coconuts, frangipanis, Tiki statues and sand to create that tropical atmosphere.

When landscaping your garden make sure you work hand-in-hand with the tropical theme of your backyard to enhance your Tiki bar’s features.

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