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Question by roastyfrenchtoast: What can you do at a virgin cocktail party?
After school gets out i’m going to have a party. I’ve always wanted a vintage 1950’s cocktail dress, but my mom won’t let me get one unless I have a place to wear it to. So my friend and I thought of the idea of a virgin cocktail party. We are going to have people dress up in dresses, but bring crappy clothes too! And we are going to serve virgin drinks and gossip. We also are going to play croquet and watch a movie, but my mom won’t let me do it unless I make an agenda. So do you have any good ‘cocktail’ movies? Or any other ideas of things to do? It might evolve into a sleepover if you guys give me enough stuff to do! Thanks for giving me any answers you might have! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Answer by girlieguru
Cocktail starring Tom Cruise sounds appropriate

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