Question by David Gong: What is the best snack for longlasting energy for work?
I work as an office intern and sit in front of the computer all day. I take a walk every hour to avoid cramping. I eat a small breakfast, and eat a granola bar 2 hours before my lunch break. After lunch, I find it very hard to continue working because I lack energy and focus. I have tried Sour Skittles, and nuts as an afternoon snack, but I want your input on pulling through from 10am-6pm. I need energy and focus!

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Answer by Tony N.
No, no skittles!! You need something with complex carbs, not the simple sugars found in candies, to give you long lasting and stable energy. Of course complex carbs, including whole grains, probably don’t taste as good. Why don’t you try a healthy snack of walnuts, combined with a fruit like an apple, and see how that feels? I bet you’ll be feeling great!

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