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Hi, I was just wondering how much cocktail servers make in tips at dave and busters? How much on an average night and how much on a Friday or Saturday? Is being a cocktail server a lot different then working in the dining room? Thank you!

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How much sugar is in your soft drink? What are the health effects of drinking soft drinks? Does diet soda make you gain weight? What’s the alternative?

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A cocktail party is meant to be short and sweet.  Inviting your friends over for cocktails should be a two hour chance to catch up and unwind. You and your guests can get together for just a short time; reconnect and then still have most of the evening to yourself.  And when you consider […]

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I am not pretending to be an authority with 40 years knowledge of the whisky business but I do remember in my younger days enjoying from time to time a malt whisky.  I also new by choice I’d ask for a malt, though never quite sure why. I’ll try and provide a simplistic view […]

How to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew. Wanna see more fun? Check out

Unreleased? song by Lauryn Hill featuring Ras Baraka. He is the narrator on her Grammy winning mised of Lauryn Hill CD.