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Johnnie Walker Black Label is the most awarded scotch whisky in the world, but what is the scotch single malt with the most awards? Thanks fixguy – i agree that taste is individual (Im from scotland, so i know).. but i’m after these statistics for a specific piece of research im doing. I have done […]

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Coffee was so simple back in the day. You either wanted leaded (with caffeine) or unleaded (without caffeine). Today when you walk into a cafĂ©, choosing a coffee beverage can be perplexing. Knowing a bit of history on coffee and the options that are out there can help you get the coffee that is […]

The Polish mariage… vodka! Our recent voyages took us along towards the sunny countries. This time, change of course!On the way towards the countries of the east, and more particularly in Poland. Although the Polish wedding is rather close to the traditions of Western Europe, certain habits are very typical… As everywhere […]

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Sugar Free No Carbs, No Calories Gluten Free Great to take on the go! For a free sample of this product, call 1-800-337-5561 Product DescriptionRefreshing STRAWBERRY flavor in a convenient easy-open packet! Dissolve one 1.8 oz packet into a 16oz bottle of water (or a glass of water) 10 Sticks per Box Stevita Co. STRAWBERRY […]

Do you want to order lunch or dinner in Portugal? Learn to say food and beverage words in Portuguese in this free language lesson video from an expert Portuguese language expert. Expert: Tania Da Fonseca Bio: Tania Da Fonseca is a Canadian-born Portuguese. She speaks fluent Portuguese and English. Filmmaker: Melissa Schenk

Product DescriptionBruce Weinstein is a guy who knows how to party. And his key to partying is choosing the right drink. Spiked or zero proof, Bruce has shaken, stirred, blended, or ladled concoction for every occasion and everyone on your guest list.The cocktail traditionalist will savor Bruce’s world-class Bloody Mary, while those on the cutting […]

I am just now discovering that I love wine and have so far only tried sweet dessert wines. I want to drink wine with meals, so what wines are good with pasta or say chicken?