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One 16-ounce jar of vanilla flavored espresso protein all in one drink mix Features a double shot of espresso coffee, 15 grams of lasting protein and 23 essential vitamins and Helps boost energy, curb appetite, and promote fat burning Enjoy creamy hot or iced cold Healthy daily lifestyle coffee drink, CLICK is perfect for weight […]

Caffeine is a well-known stimulant that is added as an ingredient to various carbonated soft drinks.  Due to its stimulatory and other physiological effects, individuals desire to know the exact amount of caffeine consumed from these beverages Coca Cola, the world’s favorite soft drink  is currently sold in more than 200 countries and in […]

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The Drinks We Drank Last Night

dutty wine !! Gone wrong!! I don’t no what this chick was thinking!!

This is one of my favorite Movie in the Oldies..a talented New Yorker bartender takes a job at a bar in Jamaica and falls in love. i was influence by Tom Cruise that’s why I got this job (Bartender) and learn

2006 Ad with Steve mcqueen

India is famous for their tasty, refreshing, cheap and easy to make drinks. They have developed a wide array of interesting drinks that reflective of their culture. Beverages are flavored drinks for human consumption. It can be any drink prepared in different ways in order to satisfy a quenching thirst. Since alcoholic drinks are […]

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