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Promotional beverage holders can be used as a way to get your name and company out their in the public eye. Beverage holders come in many shapes and sizes, and can be engraved with your company name, logo, web address, phone number, or physical address, or a combination there of. They are cheap and […]

The cocktail hour traditionally has always been a time when both men and women dressed more formally and enjoyed a time to socialise and unwind. Cocktail parties are generally considered to be very chic and fashionable and have always been an opportunity for women especially to wear their best gowns. Although cocktail parties were […]

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…the reason I love Scotsmen!! *_* …ecco perchè adoro gli scozzesi!!! *_*

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All ingredients are 100% food grade OGM Free Step-by-Step instructions included Making Great Wines is as easy as 1,2,3 Product Description4 week wine kit. great italian table wines . Vino Italiano 4 Week Wine Kit, Moscato, 15.5-Pound Box

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Use with the Vacu Vin Wine Saver Reusable vacuum wine storage Keeps open wine fresh for two weeks 4 stoppers Hand washable Product DescriptionWine should breathe a little, but not overnight. Putting an end to the oxidation process, which turns a favorite Merlot into vinegar, is easy with the Vacu Vin Concerto Wine Saver. These […]