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Repackaging a favorite Coca Cola was launched as a medicine in the 19th century but it hasn’t been celebrated for its health-giving properties in quite a while. So it is slightly odd to see large promotional features in for Diet Coke Plus – containing a choice of either vitamins or the nutritional supplements( […]

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Given the vast array of alcopops, beers, spirits etc, what makes you buy non alcoholic drinks like Shloer and Appletiser? Obviously it might be because you don’t want to be drinking alcohol, but what other reasons is it? What makes such drinks so appealing?

Global market review of world whiskies – forecasts to 2014 The non-Scotch whisk(e)y market – chiefly comprising Irish, American, Canadian, Indian and Japanese whiskies – is one of the largest growth areas of the global wine and spirits industry. The performance of the three most international non-Scotch whisk(e)y categories – US, Canadian and Irish […]


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Traditionally speaking, there is nothing quite like giving a good bottle of wine for Christmas.  Regardless of whether you want to give a special gift to a friend, romantic partner, or co-worker, you will find that most people will appreciate a bottle of wine far more than gift cards and sweaters.  That said, there […]