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a groovy vinyl video

Brian Brushwood doing some pretty epic fire-eating tricks – then teaches me the basics. I’m happy to say that I still have my eyebrows. ^_^ The nail trick at the end was done with Brian’s assistant, Chad, after several drinks at the bar. Check out Brian & Scam School at: Check out Chad at: […]

The Police (Sting, Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland) held a press conference on Feb. 12 at LA’s infamous nightclub The Whisky A Go Go to announce they have reunited and will tour the world throughout 2007. This video contains highlights of the pres event.

Every once in a while, every one likes to take a little time out from their busy chaotic lives and relax. For some individuals, this may be taking a small vacation or participating in a hobby, or just relaxing at home with no worries. However, other people do not have the means to take these […]

Ryan (hands provided by Greg) mixes a cocktail for Josie.

Climbing Kilimanjaro is a physically challenging endeavour, which is why reaching the summit is so satisfying. Any difficulties experienced while Kilimanjaro trekking are usually related to inadequate acclimatisation, the pace of the trek, and the route that is taken up the mountain. You should choose the route for your Kilimanjaro trekking holiday carefully, and prepare […]

When was the last time you drank 8 glasses of water in one day? Just plain tap, filtered or sparkling water is best. The average person should consume between 4-10 glasses of water each day, depending on the amount of fluid lost, and the size of your glass. Drinking water restores balance to your body’s […]

Juicing Recipes / Juicer Recipes ? The Carrot Cooler !! 😉 ? Carrot Celery Cucumber Coconut ? INGREDIENTS: 8 Carrots 1 Head of Celery 1-2 Cucumbers 1 Young Coconut (water) PREPARATION: 1) Run carrots, celery & cucumbers through your Breville juicer (or whatever type of juicer you might have!) 2) Open young coconut to […]

We’ve covered a few magic tricks, and we’ve covered a few street crimes. This episode we’re going to combine the two and get a magic trick that acts as a smokescreen for an actual crime.