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At first, I didnt think too much of this vid, but the more I watch it, the more I love it. I think its pretty awesome.

Any vet will tell you that alcohol and pets don’t mix and the strange thing is, some dogs can develop a taste for the stuff even though it’s bad for them. You should never give your dog alcohol as it can be deadly to dogs, even in small amounts. Three ounces of liquor can depress […]

Adam Buxton describes his hellish trip on shrooms on Nevermind the Buzzcocks. Auch nun mit deutschen Untertiteln

I am taking my boyfriend out on a picnic, but i don’t know what to bring for food since we are having sparkling wine. (we dont like real wine) I want it to be romantic-any ideas?

Here is a retro McDonald’s commercial that is from 1996. The dad in this commercial is Tiggerific! What a great TV commercial for people in the 90s!! This vintage commercial makes you want to go to McDonalds any time of the day! Maybe you’ll see Ronald McDonald! And Tigger too! Commercials from the 1990s were […]

The Bees Theatrical Group presents the sketch comedies Armenian Cocktail. The show has been played over 13 times so far in Los Angeles, Fresno, Detroit, Pasadena, Glendale, Phoenix, Sydney Australia, Montreal Canada wich have been all sold out. For information call Zohrab (818)621-0813. Buy the DVD now at

Did you ever think to make your own perfume? If no, then you need to know that it is very simple to make perfume at home on your own. You could make it for yourself, give as gift to your loved ones or even start your own business. It is possible to make perfumes at […]

Tony award winner Dorothy Loudon sings a wonderful medley of Sondheim’s “Losing My Mind” and “You Could Drive a Person Crazy”. Be sure to watch through to the end to see how she mixes the two songs together. We made the mistake of posting these as two separate videos on our old BestArts channel, so […]

NOT A MUSIC VIDEO FOR SHES A LADY! Forever the Sickest Kids was on the road ALL SUMMER long. This video shows clips from the guys on the Vans Warped Tour, various club shows and behind closed doors. This version of Shes a Lady is the Radio Edit of the song. That explains why some […]

A collection of never seen video from Hungary of Attila Ambrus, the so-called “modern day Robin Hood.” A native of Transylvania, Attila became a national hero in Hungary known as the “Whiskey Robber” during the post-communist 1990s by knocking off 29 banks in outrageous fashion, handing flowers to tellers and never hurting anyone. He also […]