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These days, choosing to substitute Splenda for other types of table sugar can make a huge difference for many people.  From cutting calories to making it possible to enjoy foods that would otherwise be off hazardous to our health, Splenda is well worth the consideration to include in your daily diet.  There are many benefits […]

What new products would you like them to create? What changes to existing products? Anything included? (i.e. free gifts) And anything else you can think of. Thanks

You must be getting baked this summer and wanting some thing nice to drink to refresh yourself and to stimulate. All those teetotalers can try out different variety of beverages and quench your thirst this summer. Water melon fruits are good for summer. They are low in calories and will add no fat too. It […]

JL has a nasty scab, drinks Silk, and wants to buy the kissing frogs. Follow me on twitter: Go to my channel:

That necklace you wear can make or break the outfit. Of all the jewelry pieces you might choose, your necklace can make the greatest impact on the overall look. Take a simple black cocktail dress for example. On its own, is almost like a uniform. You could disappear into the crowd if you are not […]

My grandmother can’t drink from an aluminum can. If her lips contact the can, they swell up. Drinking from a straw, she’s fine, so it’s not the soda. Also, it doesn’t affect her hands. Any ideas?

Not Exactly the Tastiest Beverage, but you can totally tweak this to your own liking! The major idea is to get the msm, cayenne, honey, lemon, and chlorella/spirulina into it and then sweeten to taste! I realized that I seemed a bit hyper on this video while editing it. Enjoy the drink and step it […]

Wondering what to gift your hostess for today’s cocktail party? Here is the perfect gift. Wine charms. It is as charming as it sounds. Perfect for dinners, get-togethers, parties, wine tasting events and theme parties. With an attractive wine charm, you can keep track of your glass, as it will be tagged with an elegant […]

I’ve always been just a beer drinker but had to give up all products made from yeast for medical reasons. I could get a nice head buzz from two or three beers, which is less than 2 ounces of alcohol. When I drink vodka or whiskey, it takes 5 or 6 shots (3 or 4 […]

Finally—Rent Prom Dresses at ! It is truly astonishing that no business has snatched up this idea before. For decades now, girls have been spending hundreds of dollars on a dress they know they’ll only wear once. Prom is one of those once-in-a-lifetime memories where every girl deserves to dress like a princess […]