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by Randomskk Question by wolfelizer: What is the best vodka to drink straight up? i am looking for somthing other than Sky Vodka just need to extend my taste in alcohol. Had smirnoff vodka, its good any suggestion as to what to mix with lemonade or red bull. Best answer: Answer by ?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,B,A,STARTGray Goose Know […]

Margarita azul Image by interllectual Mmmm… Margarita on the rocks…

Question by Sylvia Sloan: What is the best coffee espresso machine to buy? I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and buy a coffee espresso machine so I can do my own espresso at home. Would appreciate some recommendations from espresso machine owners. Thanks. Best answer: Answer by Chuck U. FarleyThis is a great starting […]

Note: Sorry guys I am losing my voice A tutorial on how to use baking soda to help with your acne. I love baking soda! You can do so many things with it, and it doesn’t make you feel bad when you buy it! Products: Baking Soda: Target Cetaphil Daily Moisturizer Music: Replay Instrumental Twitter: […]

It’s Not About the Tapas: A Spanish Adventure on Two Wheels Single, stressed, and living amid the hustle and hurry of modern Hong Kong, Polly Evans had a vision: of mountains and orange groves, matadors and promenades–and of a glorious, hassle-free journey across Spain by bicycle. But like any decent dream, Polly’s came with its […]

SunnyD Veryfine, 100% Orange Juice, 10-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 24) Get the kids off to school with a bottle of crisp, nourishing apple juice or a bottle of orange juice to wake you up. The breakfast drink loved the world over, in a variety of convenient sizes Try the apple, grape or white grapefruit flavors […]

Good, Better, Best Wines: A No-Nonsense Guide to Popular Wines ISBN13: 9781592579778 Condition: New Notes: BRAND NEW FROM PUBLISHER! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Tracking provided on most orders. Buy with Confidence! Millions of books sold! Just tell me what’s good! The first buying guide to focus exclusively on the best-selling wines in North America that you […]

We arrived in Portugal on a stormy day hoping that it would all clear so that we can come out with some decent images. The next morning Porto was enveloped by a thick sea mist which eventually cleared by about midday to expose Porto at its most beautiful. My luck with the weather continues. Sure […]

Check out these dessert images: Cooking Lecture: Italian Desserts – Cassata Alla Siciliana (Version 2) Image by panduh Today’s lecture was on Italian ”dolce” or desserts. This is a Sicilian Cassata which is made from Ricotta cheese, chocolate chips, candied fruits, semi-frozen and served over a sponge cake brushed down with maraschino cherry liquor. Dessert […]

Check out these espresso images: Espresso Cookies Image by artizone Package or 6 Cocoa – Espresso Cookies hand dipped in milk chocolate. Espresso Image by erik boralv 18 kronor for a single. Quite ok. They tend to make the single shot a bit too "long". Shorter and stronger would be better imo, especially for a […]