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by jasperwiet Invite Your Friends Over For a Dessert Bar II Invite your friends over for a movie night, game night, etc.  And have a dessert bar to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.  It’s simple and easy.  Use pretty paper plates, plastic ware, and serve an assortment of coffees, teas, or cold drinks if it’s hot […]

by elycefeliz 7 Tips to Prevent Water Damage From Household Leaks 1. Turn off the WaterWhen you notice a leak, the very first thing you should do is to shut off the water. If turning off the water on the appliance that is leaking doesn’t work, or you’re not sure where the water is leaking […]

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Check out these recipes images: cookie pie recipe Image by Christi @ Love From The Oven Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie by Love From The Oven… Recipe for Mexican Scrambled Eggs Image by mamamusings From Alex’s cooking class. We made these for dinner last night, and they were delicious!

Some cool alcohol images: Bottles of Alcohol Image by Mat_the_W Spotted in my old apartment’s recycling room on move-out day. I really hope these were saved up from the entire year… Alcohol is a path to hell Image by Ahef L’intérieur d’un goulot de bouteille de vin… Alcohol is a path to hell Image by […]

Water Slides! Water Slides, We Love Water Slides!   Have you asked your kids lately what it is that they like to have? If you ask them during the summer days, they would say water slides in unison for sure. Waters slides are the perfect toys during the summer. These are life-size air-inflated toys that […]

Zipfizz Energy Drink Mix, Citrus 20 tubes Zipfizz is healthy energy in a tube Energy/Sports Drink Mix Electrolytes Antioxidants B12 Natural Energy Boo List Price: $ 34.99 Price: $ 25.99 More Drink Products

by James and Winnie Baby Feeding Products – 6 Tips About The Baby Feeding Products That You Need To Avoid 1. If anyone in your baby’s family suffers from allergic disorders – including complaints like hay-fever whose connection with food is not obvious – your baby may be extra-liable to them too. Let him start […]

by erasmusa Should You Eat Junk Food? We junk inspite of our common sense.What is this junk food doing to our body? Are we spending money to shorten our life by eating junk food? Read here to find ans. Better Health for better sex life Junk food is not healthy and we know it. Eating […]

by A Brief History of the Australian Wine Industry Australia has become a world leader in domestic and exported wine. What began as a few vineyard cuttings over 200 years ago has now flourished into an amazing industry – the fourth largest in the world!Australia exports over 450 million litters of wine each year […]