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Check out these recipe images: New World Italian Shrimp Angel Hair Nests Recipe Image by Doug DuCap Food and Travel THis delicious recipe has been added to Hugging the Coast Food and Cooking Blog at…

Over 22 Minutes of Cooking With Jolene!!!! Apple Lasagna!!!!!! YUM! It’s here! The next addition to: Cookin’ With Jolene: The Trailer Park Cooking Show! Part Blog, Part look inside Trailer Park Life, this episode clocks in at about 22 minutes! You asked for it, you got it: Full length episode!!! Fall is here, and there […]

Check out these drink images: “Red, White, and Drunk All Over” – Natalie MacLean Image by dr_XeNo US Cover for Natalie MacLean’s book "Red, White, and Drunk All Over." (Copyright 2006 Bloombury, Natalie MacLean)

by Ewan-M Question by Kjpink78: Would it be ok to have a cash bar at our wedding if we are hosting cocktail hour and wine during dinner? I am in the middle of planning my wedding and the budget is spinning out of control. Would it be totally tacky to have a cash bar? We […]

Question by kollydogg: Why does smirnoff produce vodka in russia with a different strength? My friend got me a russian bottle or smirnoff vodka and it was 43% she said they do another one which is 55%. Has anyone seen them before? BTW the 43% is so strong! Best answer: Answer by RSJYes, a higher […]

New, Heavy-Duty Flat Bottle Opener, Bartender Bar Bottle Opener, Speed Bottle Opener, Stainless Steel, Set of 2 Heavy-duty commercial quality Well sized for portable carrying Thick stainless steel (18/8) Opens bottles faster than any opener DIMENSIONS: Length – 7 Inches, Width – 1/2 Inch This commercial grade flat speed bottle opener is constructed of heavy […]

Question by Von C: What is a good alcholoic beverage to have as your first when you turn of legal age? I’m turning 21 soon (December 9, to be exact) and my friends want to take me out to buy me drinks. I need suggestions on what alcoholic beverages I can/may enjoy for my first […]

Soft drinks Image by tuis DSC_9715

by cizauskas Question by James: What is the difference between a Soiree wine aerator and a Vinturi wine aerator? I am looking at buying a wine aerator and have narrowed down my choice to either a Soiree wine aerator or Vinturi wine aerator. Can anyone tell me the differences between these wine aerators? Thanks Best […]

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