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by U.S Embassy Kabul Afghanistan Question by goldielocks123: Has anyone on here taken suboxone for opiate addiction? I recently started suboxone for opiate addiction and l cant seem to sleep. The doc added Serequel for sleep but it just makes me eat and I still cant sleep. I’m losing my mind. Best answer: Answer by […]

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Cooks Exchange: Zucchini anyone? Readers share stuffed zucchini and other … Toni Betyn of Palmetto, Fla., shares a recipe that uses marinara sauce and ground beef and can be done in either the microwave or conventional oven. "I use the …. Would you please let me know if you and/or your readers have a recipe […]

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For its speed and simplicity of making, this wine is perfect for a wine making novice. The low cost of ingredients also make it a great every-day wine. Ideal… Carrie Underwood – Wine After Whiskey Blown Away No copyright infringement intended LYRICS: Once upon a time our world was on fire and I loved to […]

Check out these bar images: Bar Yoyo Image by Seryo Nochebuena en el Bar Yoyo

Show your support by leaving a like, it helps me out a ton! ^_^ The reboot of the Nightmare event is here! It’s pretty much the same except we’re in the mine… Video Rating: 5 / 5 Bookmark To Amazing Videos

A few nice vodka images I found: Russian Standard Vodka Image by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer Eskimo Joe is back in Sydney, Australia, with a gig at Live At The Chapel (aka St Stephens Church, Newton). If you didn’t know the group is an Australian alternative rock band formed by Stuart MacLeod […]

A few nice recipes images I found: Homemade cheese pizza w/ eggplant, bell peper, red onion, and basil Image by anjuli_ayer Recipe at Cranberry Scones Image by peyri Mmmmmm, Amber and I made cranberry scones! We took a recipe we found and modified it a bit, mostly by not adding any sugar. Cranberry Scones […]

by sweet mustache Attain weight loss naturally There are those that say it truly is possible to utilize all-natural, whole food to help reduce cravings for food, repress appetite, and so consume significantly less. Might it be really legitimate? Well I could undoubtedly say you’ll want to say goodbye to those gimmicky weight loss supplements […]