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This is the second short Nepali movie that I have tried to do something new. In this learning phase of making short movie, I have got many things to learn. I… This is dedicated to every mother that ever walked the face of this Earth. It’s so easy for us children to forget all that […] Takže 2 roky zbierania sú zamnou. Takto to u m?a vyzerá dnes. Týmto videom by som chcel taktiež podakova? … Video Rating: 4 / 5

Check out these alcohol images: Martin McMurray @ Jeff Bailey Image by j-No The Beach with a Drinking Problem Image by owenstache Alcohol is illegal in Gujarat. One of the perks of being a Union Territory is that booze and associated behavior is legal for better or for worse. We had heard from numerous people […]

Check out these cocktails images: Tech Cocktail’s Los Angeles Mixer and Startup Showacase | 09.05.13 Image by TechCocktail Tech Cocktail’s Los Angeles Mixer and Startup Showacase was held at Cross Campus on Thursday, September 5th 2013. The event was great success in part of our local partners Girls in Tech – LA, Startup UCLA, and […]

Question by Mr. Machiavelli: What do you think about a proposed tax on non-dietic soft drinks? In New York, one of the proposed taxes would be an 18% tax on non-dietic soft drinks, such as soda. What do you think would be the effects of this? Is this a good idea or a bad idea? […]

Check out these wine images: Wine Club Christmas Specials Image by The Sun and Doves Special wines for special occasions. Partners in Wine Julie and Bronwen guide us up the slopes down the piste and into the devant and apres of fine festive drinking Wine-n-Diner’s Double-Stacked Smores – Albany, NY – 2010, May – 01.jpg […]

panama beach house. Bookmark To Panama Realty

Some cool washington band images: Preparing to Play for the Presidential Inaugural Ball Image by The National Guard Uniforms belonging to band members with the 257th Army band "Band of the Nations Capitol decorates the physical fitness center located within the D.C. National Guard Armory. Members uniforms and instruments are scattered through the area in […]

Some cool wodka images: [litouwen] Seek and hide Image by Rinkel80 [litouwen] Image by Rinkel80

Check out these beverages images: Shake well Image by ni_mykon A full body shot of previous beverage The gigantor marshmallow Image by itselea Look how much of the drink it takes up! Taken at the IILWY meetup…this seems to be a theme now, me going to places and photoing the beverages/food rather than people.