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Just drinking some water out of a brown paper bag dressed as a *Miner* (as in coal Miner). The cops was really cool and had a sense of humor. The security ga… Video Rating: 3 / 5

Best Apps for Your Phone in 2014 Adobe Photoshop Express is a must for anyone who wants a quick, easy, highly efficient tool for editing photos. The app does not … Google Maps has everything from pedestrian directions to car navigation and local transit instructions worldwide … Read more on RightStartups Chrome for Android Beta […]

Question by ~*~MECR~*~: do you speak Spanish? IF YOU REALLY SPEAK SPANISH THAN SAY SOMETHING!! Best answer: Answer by Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments! Bookmark To VLoggers

Question by girly7: How to make jello with Red Bull.? I love jello, like strangely a lot. I don’t know why. I guess I like it cuz its low cal, and delicious. I like to eat sugarfree, so I was wondering I know you can put like soda in jello, could you make it with […]

Racking Wine Again Image by Tim Patterson The wine is a little over 3 months old and I am now racking again so I can finish degassing and clearing before bottling. I should be bottling it in a couple of weeks! Shown here is the old carboy I’m removing the wine from.

by Bernt Rostad Question by melissa k: Can alcoholic beverages be tax exempt? Can a tax exempt organization buy alcoholic beverages without paying the sales tax on the beverages? Best answer: Answer by Mayor Adam WestEach state has it’s own individual exemption laws…but I doubt it. I’ve had to study tax exempt laws in both […]

A few nice soda images I found: Spiderman Blue Raspberry Soda Pop in Mini Cans 2007 Image by JeepersMedia Spiderman Blue Raspberry Soda Pop in Mini Cans Pics taken by Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia on Sept 6 2007 Spiderman Blue Raspberry Soda Pop in Mini Cans 2007 Image by JeepersMedia Spiderman Blue Raspberry Soda Pop […]

Check out these bartender images: Bartender with an amazing Salvador Dali moustache Image by dionhinchcliffe At Haddington’s in Austin. Bartender Jos @ ‘Boterwaag’ Den Haag Image by Johan van Velzen ( Steve the Bartender – Eastside Image by Kris Krug

Murder Your Gods Image by WilliamOlyOlson Check them out, this was from their live show @ McCoy’s Tavern in Olympia, WA on 09/24/2011 Bookmark To FM Washington

Question by Mr SmoothHead: Sugar free red bull OK to drink? I used to drink 2-3 cups of coffee a day, but now I drink 2-3 of those sugar free Red Bulls instead. The big size, not the small 8.3oz size. Other than costing me more money, is it doing me any harm? Best answer: […]