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affiliate marketing by Question by Corey D: Can my XM antenna pickup FM stations? I just bought a 2008 Chevy Trailblazer. The SUV comes with two antennas, one on the roof for XM and one on the hood for normal radio. I would like to remove the regular antenna.Will I be able to pick […]

Check out these drinking images: making drinks with my wonderful wife- whiskey, ginger, and rosemary sours Image by randomesquephoto 2 shots whiskey, 3/4 shot ginger simple syrup muddled with rosemary. squeeze half a lemon. shake with ice. pour. garnish with a rosemary sprig. makes one. delicious. Drinks Image by urbanreyes Drinks at Quarter21 restaurant

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Fox News prefers alcohol to marijuana? 200 Fox News bias videos at More marijuana related videos at The day after J… Video Rating: 4 / 5 El consumo excesivo de alcohol entre jóvenes es una problemática afecta a la sociedad. La relación entre padres e hijos se vuelve un factor vital en el […]

by saralafas Question by lovemybub: how long do i cook beef stew? i want to make an an awesome beef stew, i always burn mine what is the average time to cook it so meat is tender and what is good in it? Best answer: Answer by Derekyou may have “browned” your stew meat a […]

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Check out these energy drink images: Super Lion Energy Drink, Chocolate Energy Drink, Coffee Image by pinguino XS Energy Drink & Helper Image by The Toad I was just playing around with some still life shots and I got an unexpected helper.

Check out these bourbon images: Bourbon Image by dotsi Pidän joidenkin viinapullojen etiketeistä ehkä enemmän kuin itse viinasta. Tämän pullon tosin sain joululahjaksi omasta toivomuksestani, sillä ajattelin opetella juomaan viskiä vaikuttaakseni coolimmalta. Maybe even more than the liquor itself, I like the labels on some of the bottles. This bottle, though, was a christmas present […]

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