• Over 70% organic ingredients, 10 grams of protein per serving
  • Contains amino acids, antioxidants, and green tea extract to promote recovery
  • Ideal for use immediately following activity

Product Description
Advanced formula. Pharmaceutical grade. Scientifically formulated. 100% natural peptide bond sustained release. Stronger formula. Genesis Amino Acid 1900 mg formula is an excellent amino acid source. The profile includes all of the essential, non-essential and Branch Chain amino acids in an easily assimilated protein coated tablet. Amino Acid 1900 mg provides quick and easy building materials for the body without fattening effects. The L-Tryptophane in this product is naturally occurring in Lactalbumin. There is no manufactured Tryptophane in this product. Because Lactalbumin is a 100% natural product the actual amino acid analysis may vary.

Clif Shot Dietary Supplement, Recovery Protein Enhanced Drink, Mango Orange, 2.10-Pound Plastic Jars

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