A few nice energy drink images I found:

“Silver Red Blue Bull ” made from a recycled energy drink can
energy drink
Image by Urban Woodswalker
The necklace is titled "Red Blue Silver Bull" and has no "wings" (hint hint)…

because I used them in another aluminum can necklace. 😀

E3 2011 – NOS energy drink booth – Savini
energy drink
Image by PopCultureGeek.com
photo 2011 PopCultureGeek.com
taken by Doug Kline
If you’re interested in higher resolution versions of my images, contact me via my profile page.

A classy drink!
energy drink
Image by Lori & Todd
I don’t know exactly how I got this seemingly "action photo" with the energy drink but I really like it. As for the drink itself, I never got to try it but the Pacific Western Cola was very yummy.

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