The health benefits of Dragon Well tea is extensively researched in China and Japan. First held in Anji China with beautiful towns and villages section. “Tea alliance” with the second working meeting hosted by China Zhejiang Anji County Festival of the beautiful countryside, on October 20, 2010 -21 days held in Anji. At the “Union” members of the unit signed a “coalition of the quality of tourism undertaking” and “rural tourism products were pushed cooperation agreement”, to regulate the tourism market, tourism services, has a guiding role in business.

Dragon Well tea has been shown to positively effect many systems in the body and to inhibit the progression of some diseases. Second, the combination of the Buddha in the Longjing Tea Culture Festival held in Xinchang. “Alliance” 2011 Shanghai International Tea Culture Tourism Festival is an opportunity to combine April 11, 2011 Xinchang Xinchang County Government to host the Fifth Buddha Dragon Festival, held in Xinchang, “with one of the top ten tea-tea “activities. Signed at the “tea Union” declaration of cooperation to further strengthen the “tea Union” organized jointly between the member section played an important role.

Dragon Well tea contains among the highest concentrations of minerals and antioxidants, which have proven to benefit the body. Third, in conjunction with Shanghai Tea Expo. In the April 24, 2011-27th 2011 organized by Shanghai International Tea Culture Tourism Festival Shanghai Tea Expo, including Xinchang Tourism, including more active participation in the Shanghai Tea Expo promote their tea.

There are four primary polyphenols in longjing tea leaves and they are often collectively referred to as catechins.  Some of these compounds is necessary for the body composition, called nutrients. There are some compounds on human health effects and efficacy of ingredients, ingredients known to have medicinal value. Such as polyphenols, caffeine, such as lipopolysaccharide.

Powerful antioxidants, catechins have been shown in recent studies to fight viruses, slow aging, and have a beneficial effect on health. Clinical tests have shown that catechins destroy free radicals and have far reaching positive health benefit on the entire body.

Therefore, we can ask about the security labels. What I have to say is although West Lake Dragon Well tea is the specialty of Hangzhou, it doesn’t mean that we can only obtain authentic West Lake Dragon Well tea from sellers in this city. There are huge amount of unearthed cultural relics in the Central Plains, surely it doesn’t mean that the antiques you buy there are all quality goods.

As a result, we shouldn’t blindly compare the longjing tea of the same class  sold by different sellers.

we shouldn’t blindly compare the longjing tea of the same class  sold by different sellers.

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