A few nice drinking images I found:

Drinking Happy Bird Office Edition
Image by programwitch
5/22/2009 – Also picked up a 2nd Drinking Happy Bird for the office.

Korean Drinks: Milkis
Image by foxxyz
I’ve noticed another drink before at my local Persian restaurant. It’s called "dough", and the menu describes it as a "carbonated yoghurt drink". It sounds disgusting.

This, not so much. This drink might be exactly what dough tastes like. Carbonated, milky, and – I don’t like this word – smooth. Not really that yoghurty though. It’s sweet, not sour. It’s actually not too bad.

The can says "New feeling of soda beverage". I say "Explosion in your mouth".

KP-Drinking water font
Image by szczel
Drinking water font. date unknown… Not working for several years…
In front of the old tennis courts

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