Spending your day doing nothing has its own advantage. It happened with me when I was in Goa for a trip with some friends. It was my third time in Goa. For us Goa was nothing but to enjoy your booze at a cheap rate. The trip was scheduled for a week. We didn’t book any accommodation before reaching there. We landed at the airport and asked the cab driver to get us to the closest beach. Before starting he said he will be dropping us on Colva beach. The moment we paid the taxi fare we hit a shack and started our boozing session.  We continued this for around 4 to 5 hours before searching for accommodation.

We were hardly able to walk so decided to check-in the nearest hotel. The hotel we checked in was Graciano Cottages. I don’t remember the moment when we were booking the room. All I remember was that next day I had terrible head ache. The others planned to hire a bike to roam across Goa. I was in no mood to drive with this terrible headache. I asked them to continue with their plan as I slept again. It was late in the morning when I was in some sense. Although my head was spinning it was bearable than the previous one. I decided to take a stroll outside so that fresh air could help me divert my attention towards it. I went down and had a strong tea. Strangely for me, I never before had tea in Goa. The only thing I ever had in Goa was booze. Still I needed that tea very much. It was then I found a girl sitting in a table alone. I watched her for around half an hour and started conversation with her thinking she was alone.

It was a kind gesture and I was bored and had no one to talk with me. She was in her early thirties and had a very good American ascent. I started the conversation by asking whether I could share the table with her. She was cool and smilingly offered it. Then I started enquiring about her and why she was alone here in Goa. She said they were sleeping as they had a huge party yesterday night and they came back today in the morning. I was feeling somewhat awkward as I had the same but she was looking pretty fine. I asked her how was she able to get up unlike her friends after having such a great party. She was amused to hear this. I said this because I don’t want to get embarrassed when she will ask me about my friends. But to my surprise she replied she don’t drink too much like me. Like me; this words were beating in my ears like someone bringing down a building. Before I could react, she said she was just kidding and she knew as she had heard my friends speaking about me when they came in the morning. I was red and didn’t know how to converse further.

She apologised again for that comment. I asked her not to repeat it as I have not taken it seriously. I asked whether she mind to take a walk in the beach with me. She said she was willing to go but was forced to be inside as she needed some company. On our walk in the beach we felt that we were really comfortable with each other. We shared many things and exchanged our mail ids and phone number. Later I came knew that this day was her last at Goa as she was here for the last 4 days. As a child I was pressurizing her to spend one more day in Goa. All she did was laughed. By the time we reached

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