Question by Dizazter: How do I fix slow water coming out of the Fridge water dispenser and slow ice production?
I installed a water line to the fridge, and the water coming from the water dispenser is very slow and the ice is being made at a very slow rate also. I have the water line coming up from the basement, as the fridge is on the opposite side of the kitchen from the sink.

I suspect the problem is from low water pressure. How do I measure the water pressure, and if I need a pump to increase the water pressure to the fridge, which one do I get, and where do I get one?

Any positive help or ideas are greatly appreciated.
The water filter in the fridge is brand new (as I just connected the water line) and the water pressure from the faucet is fine.

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Answer by spacedude4
Is the water slow coming out of the sink faucet? If not then it is not the water pressure. The fridge has a water filter built in to it, change it! IF the water at the faucet is low pressure too, then call a plumber, he will give you suggestions for a pump and prices. They can be inexpensive, but make sure you get a pressure reducing/regulating valve! This will let you turn the pressure down so you don’t blow the pipes apart.

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