Question by HAH: How do I get water faucets to run after toilet water was shut off for several hours?
Our toilets upstairs overflowed. The water was shut off for about 3.5 hours. The water throughout the house now is extremely low. I have turned the water back on the toilet upstairs and succesfully flushed it several times. How do I get the water to run as it did before the water on the toilet was shut down?

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Answer by capt_terry
Had that problem before ,you might have the same.Alot of silk will form in the pipes and will let lose if the preasure is off of the pipes for any time.On your faucets there is a screw cap(were the water comes out) turn that off you might have to use a bit of force if they have never been screwed off before.Once off inside the cap you will find a water saver and a screen most likely the water saver is stopped up.If so you will be able to run the water at that point tap it lightly and rinse it off that should fix you right up.The water saver is a pain when clogged and it does slow the water alot.If it will not clean out discard it and just put the screen back in that keeps the water from spraying wild in the sink .

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