Question by Rey: How does Red Bull compare to coffee?
I hear constant talk about Red Bull being bad for your health. Is it as bad as, or worse than coffee.

(I am talking about sugar-free Red Bull).
The reason I ask is because I’ve read something about Red-Bull increasing your chances of cardiac arrest three-fold or something. But in that study, they did not mention how coffee or anything else reacted with your cardiovascular health. I mean it seems obvious that caffeine in general would raise your risk of a heart attack.

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Answer by Ken
Sugar free Red Bull doesn’t seem that bad to me, but its not as if coffee is that bad either. I don’t get why energy drinks get such a bad rep, they’re not any worse than soft drinks. Anyway, nothing is detrimental to your health in moderation, one sugar free red bull a day won’t kill you or make you instantly obese so long as the rest of your diet is ok.

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