Question by Ska.Ska.Ska: How many shots of vodka until I would actually get drunk?
Five feet tall, currently around 89 pounds.
Not having a good night and took two shots of vodka with some soda around half an hour ago. Don’t usually drink more than a sip, so I suppose I’m a rather inexperienced drinker….
This is not good, because I have to get up early tomorrow and go somewhere. I have terrible planning it seems :/

Nah, I’m not young, just quite short…
I do believe 6 shots may kill me.
Or at least cause my liver to be a smidge fucked up.

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Answer by fatpiggies08
You sound pretty young. it would probably take you like from two to three shots until you feel drunk. It won’t kick in right away, but you will definitely feel it sooner or later. Like throwing up in the middle of the night and of course really bad hang overs. Dude, don’t go get yourself drunk tho, you’re inexperienced and you should stay that way until you are older. Trust me. Just don’t do it.

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