“A few days ago ‘ Sprite Ice + tea flavor soda ‘a new debut in the supermarket sold out, we are replenishment. “Yesterday, Wenzhou Lotus Supermarket Food & Beverage Department source said. With the beverage sales season approaching, all recently appeared on the market fresh “mashups” Drinks Some big names are involved, have been offering “mashups” drinks.

Drink endless mix and match Yesterday, the reporter visited the Great South Gate Trust-Mart stores urban Hong Xuehuang British shops found supermarket shelves everywhere drinks area “mashups” beverage figure: Mengniu Fruit and vegetable juice + milk yogurt mix and match is the crystallization; Wahaha Nutrition Express is the fresh vegetable juice Milk Combination; beer cool Seoul tea is a mixture of beer, flavored tea; also extended the brand of salt soda water and other drinks are fresh mix and match flavors.

This will two or more things that had not detached, drink mix and match the trend of mixing synthetic growing. Reporter learned from the supermarket, the new shelves in March of this year before the drink, the “mashup” type accounts for two percent share. Wahaha launched at one go this year as pineapple coconut juice, juice drinks, Shan Lihong compound 4 mashups drinks. The focus has always been Carbonated beverages The Coca-Cola is also the end of March launch of Sprite and green tea mix and match the “Sprite Ice + tea flavor” soda. “Another beverage giant Huiyuan Also announced its entry into carbonated beverage market, plans to launch concentrated fruit juice instead of caffeine, phosphoric acid and the synthetic pigment music mash fruit juice products that Beijing, Shanghai supermarket has appeared, soon to be stationed in our supermarkets. “Century Lianhua Supermarket Food Department, said Wu, who is responsible.

Generous pay the bill after 90 young

What about mashups drink, who is the most buy it then? Trust-Mart supermarket beverage areas Hung Xuehuang a British store salesperson, said: “If this kind of green tea flavored soft drink Sprite ice + mixed drinks because they are new, bought early adopters of children and young people Tingzhi.” Appears in the supermarket staff, 90 Young consumers should be spending after Miguel. “Mix and match faces drink fresh, unique taste, to meet the needs of these younger consumers.”

Fact, drink mix and match is not a new thing this year: Back in March 2003, had already introduced gas Jianlibao fruit juice drinks “Baoguo Qi,” all the rage. Wahaha has also launched similar products aerated fruit juice, fruit juice and music today are similar. However, like many manufacturers have now introduced such a battle drink mix and match, be a new phenomenon.

Why popular drink mix and match?

“In the beverage consumers, the widespread consumption of beverages cross, drink mix and match existing consumer base, which is keen to use manufacturers ‘mashup’ reasons for creating new market segments.” Lotus Supermarket Chain Store an official said. The mix and match various supermarket beverage sales this year also reflects this trend: Century Union supermarket equity interest in the data store and Lotus, have shown that beverage sales mix and match very well this year, monthly drink “sales stars” are all mashups type beverages. “After a winter of hibernation beverage industry, the pending into the season. Mashup drink beverage manufacturers are aggressive as a strategic move ahead of time, strong momentum in the company, the mashup drink beverages may become mainstream this year.” Good and more than one supermarket store official said the East China Sea.

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