Some cool coke images:

Monica Coke – Caribbean Board
Image by Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Monica Coke is the Minority Business Development Manager with Advantage West Midlands, the Regional Development Agency for the West Midlands. She has been a member of the Caribbean board since November 2006.

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Maker Faire 2010: Coke Zero Rocket
Image by blue_j
Next to the stage where Eepy Bird was putting on their annual Coke and Mentos show, the had this Coke Zero and Mentos powered rocketcar.. prompting us to guess just how far they were able to shoot this thing on coke & mentos alone.

Diet coke
Image by oskay
It’s coke on a diet. The implication is that this can was crushed by an EMP through the coil. Neat trick. I wonder if they opened it first.

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