Some cool vodka images:

Brooklyn Republic Vodka Sign
Image by emilydickinsonridesabmx
I saw this sign for BKR Brooklyn Republic Vodka at the 3rd Avenue festival, and I really like the monochrome Brooklyn Bridge design. Haven’t tried the vodka, but I do think it looks fantastic.

Shots from the famous 3rd Avenue festival in Bay Ridge Brooklyn, Sunday October 2, 2011. NYCis filled with street fairs. During the warm months, they are practically a nuisance. You can hardly walk 10 blocks without running into one. Sadly, they mostly suck. The street fairs are mainly terrible because they all feature the same, basic 5-10 vendors: crappy chair massage, terrible fried foods, junky fruit shakes, people selling bed sheets, and several other identical and interchangeable vendors.

The 3rd Avenue Festival isn’t like this at all. What makes this festival great, is it is mostly the local neighborhood stores and restaurants doing something special for the fair. The restaurants setup stands and make all kinds of fantastic food (homemade pitas baked on the spot? Yes please!). The stores offer specials and sales. Then there’s the entertainment. You can see 6-7 different bands throughout the course of the day. You can see pole dancers and dance troupes stru their stuff. This year, there was a full blown wrestling ring with some great grapplers taking each other apart. There are a variety of funky carnival rides for the kids, midway style games of chance, and of course, funnel cake. To top it off, all of the bars are open, offering specials and drinks in plastic cups yu can walk the street with (this is probbably illegal but no one seems to care). The crowd is chill and friendly, as only South Brooklyn can be.

If you get the chance, make your way out to the end of R train line and spend the afternoon out in the streets of Bay Ridge.

Black Raspberry Vodka Spritzer
Image by Lorika13
With black raspberry vodka I infused myself from berries in the alley.

Image by hjw223

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