Pimms Cocktail Recipes: No. 1 Refreshment

Its summer and it’s hot; are you ready with your Pimms cocktail recipes? If you’re not, you’ll get a good start with this article so you’ll have something to beat the heat with. From the time this liqueur was made in London back in 1840, this has been one of the most popular choices of cocktails for many people. With a good mix of quinine, gin and some secret herbs it hits the spot with people who first try it and it’s always the kind of experience that old hand Pimms drinkers are looking for.

There are many different choices of Pimms cocktail recipes just like there are different versions of the Pimms liqueur. Out of the entire liqueur versions available the original one, the No.1 cup is still the king. Using this liqueur, you can make yourself a traditional drink just by adding slices of lemon, orange, cucumber and apple. Pour in lemonade and the Pimms then garnish the drink with a sprig of mint. If you want to have a good experience, you can go with the Turbo Pimms mixture using the same ingredients as previously noted but this time with a larger dash of Pimms and a larger portion of gin.

With Pimms cocktail recipes that make use of the No. 6 cup, vodka is usually the base of choice. You can create the maximum voltage drink or the English passion using this cup.  If you’re going to mix maximum voltage, you will need ice, cointreau and zubrowka. Mix them together in a shaker and strain. Pour the mixture into a glass that’s filled with ice. To add more to its charm, you can use the slim Jim glass. Add soda water into the mix and top it with a mint sprig garnish.

Just like how the maximum voltage is created, you can make the English passion pimms cocktail recipes with ease. But instead of using cointreau, you need passion fruit juices, some of the flesh of that fruit and sugar syrup. Again, you just have to shake all these ingredients up in a shaker with ice and strain it into a tall glass. It’s important that you have a chilled glass that’s full of ice as this gives it a more refreshing finish. You’ll get a great flavor as well as a cooling and revitalizing cocktail. Sipping these concoctions on the deck or in the garden reminiscing about the past with the love of your life, gives the feeling like heaven on earth.

Interested to know the base spirits of the other cups? With the No. 2, its scotch; No. 3, brandy is used; for No. 4, it’s rum and for No. 5, it’s rye. Basing it on the spirits that were used in the Pimms liqueur, you now have a myriad of options to make refreshing drinks. With various base spirits to choose from, you will have a hard time choosing which one suits your mood for the day. But whatever it is, you’ll get a lot of kicks with any of the Pimms cocktail recipes.

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