Question by TheGamerGuru: What is the best Vodka and Rum to purchase as far as taste is concerned?
Money is not the issue, I just need some tips on the best quality Vodka and Rum. Thanks.

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Answer by Adam D
best Vodka, Prolly Grey Goose or Belvedere… at least as far as American’s are concerned. It’s pretty much the best one I’ve had. I know in Europe, like in Russia, they are supposed to have amazing Vodka’s.

Straight rum? I’m not sure. If you go to a specialty liquor store, they can point you in the right direction there. Sailor Jerry is a good spiced rum, and it’s pretty damn cheap. English Harbour is supposed to be good. Around $ 25/bottle (it’s a dark rum)… Rhum Clement Premiére Canne Rum is $ 28.99 (it’s a light rum).

Now, if you want a great Whiskey, Try one by Old Rip Van Winkle. It’s a special blend called Pappy Van Winkle, special reserve. It is about $ 100 per bottle and I was told has received one of the highest ratings in taste testing… it even beats out higher priced whiskey’s. They have a 15, 20 and 23 year reserve. They’re normal Van Winkle fam rsv 23 year, is $ 240, and it’s not rated higher than the pappy van winkle.

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