Can the prolonged distance running aid us to exhaust or gain weight. The long distance race will make us have a light heavy, which can downgrade cumulate of fat in our body. Moreover, what we point of gaining weight is that it make our muscle health and strong and we also can say is to put on weight of our muscle. So it can help people get rid of too fat body and make them have a good figure for the fat people. It may make people have solid muscle and then in this way their muscle gain weight.

Certainly, there are different between the fat and the thin in methods of long race. The fat people ought to have a slow speed of running and then they should persist doing it for a long time for their target of losing weight. The long race of slow speed and long time belongs to aerobic metabolism on the whole. The oxidation of fat is major energy supply. Therefore, it has a relatively good effective to consume useless fat. There is no need a long patch and long time for the thin runner to run long running. In the meanwhile, they could also choose different kinds of sports and in this way their muscle can get a good exercise. After having an exercise the metabolism and the digestion intake will enhance in the body, which we have strong feeling to eat something and for this reason the weight will gain.

In the early morning weather it bad or not to run a distance for our body?

To take exercise need consuming some certain energy and sugar is one of imperative energy supplement. If we have emptiness and then there is less sugar supply in our body. If you insist on running in this condition, the energy of body movement need getting from burning of fat. With the shortage of sugar and the fat is hard to fully burn to gain heat. And it also can produce some chemistry things, which can hurt your body. At the same time, the head will give orders to liver that they resolve sugar from muscle to give energy to our body. For this reason, it can bring pressure to our muscle and also increase the heavy weight on our liver. Furthermore, if you want fat to burn to make heat, the heart will have added times of impulse that it is in regular. When you are emptiness and you will more and more depend on the energy supplement of burning fat. For this reason, the weight of heart is getting more and more. It shows that the runners run in the morning had better have something to eat and then they run. Drink sugar water and then have a run every time.

How much amount of exercise of long way running to runners in a reasonable way.

There are changed amounts in different runners of having different tag arts. It is no less than five minutes for the runners who want to have a training. Otherwise it is bad for improving cardio-pulmonary function. If you run more than five minutes every day and then your cardio-pulmonary function will get improved much. According to your physical power and you can adjust it and the speed of running is second important.

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