Question by Beci: What are the benefits of drinking more water?
I used to drink little or no water. I could go probably two days without drinking anything. Recently I became dehydrated and now I’m drinking at least three bottles a day (since about five days ago). The other night I had five hours sleep, I had school tomorrow and I expected to be absolutely shattered. Since I’m usually still manage to be tired even when I have ten hours sleep. I was wondering could my increase in water consumption have been the cause of this? And what other benefits are there from drinking more?

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Answer by superstar_
Well I don’t know the answer to the first question, but my mom was trying to diet so she drank water all the time, with every meal, no soda or alcohol. She lost weight and was more fit for exercises. I think that water flushes out your system. But it is very important to have lots of water because you need it to have energy to do things.

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