What’s In Those Commercial Energy Drinks?

The natural health researchers at Institute for Vibrant Living (IVL) have investigated the natural benefits of making home-made smoothies and energy drinks. Here is their report:


If you have never picked up an energy drink can then you might want to take the time to do so.  Energy drinks might be just what you need to make it through a busy day, but many of them come with quite the hefty price tag. 

Many of the leading energy drinks have tons of caffeine, but that is only where the problems begin. 

The fact is that energy drinks all too commonly also contain additional ingredients that you should simply avoid whenever possible.  One common menace is high-fructose corn syrup, which might also be under the name “corn sugars.” 

Increasingly, medical science is listing this ingredient as a serious no-no and one that people should avoid.  The problem is that high-fructose corn syrup is hidden in almost every processed food you can imagine.

Unfortunately, “corn sugars” and large doses of caffeine are only two concerns that you might face when trying to select an energy drink.  Commonly, energy drinks are packed with artificial colors and preservatives. 

In fact, if you have never looked at the label, you are likely not going to believe the sheer number and variety of chemicals, additives, colorings and strange compounds that inhabit the average can of energy drink.  Finding an alternative is one of the best moves you can make for your health.


Luckily, there are plenty of ways that you can tackle those unhealthy energy drinks head on.  One of the best ways is to simply make your own drinks that will give you an energy boost.  Perhaps the simplest of all options is to invest in a good juicer. 

A few carrots and apples juiced together with a little bit of ginger root can go a very long way towards giving your body a serious boost.  Best of all, this energy boost is full of vitamins and minerals as well. 

As a side benefit, this drink will also boost your immune system, which will help you feel better throughout the day and avoid colds and flus.  Odds are your energy drink can’t do that!  Plus you will get the added benefit of eating fresh fruits and vegetables, which will help fight off all kinds of diseases, including cancer.


Just as having a juicer is a good idea for making your own version of an energy drink, the same can be stated for your blender.  With a trusty blender by your side, you can make frozen fruit smoothie that is sure to keep you powered long after a chemical laden energy drink wears off. 

Consider adding energy-boosting fruit, such as acai fruit, and frozen peaches to your next smoothie for a real treat high in vitamin C. 

While these options might take a little more time than stopping at the convenience store, the long-term results for your body are more than worth it.  When left with no other option, always opt for a bottle of 100% fruit and vegetable juice over an energy drink.  Your body will appreciate all of that good nutrition.


David Flores is a natural health researcher for Institute for Vibrant Living, a leading source for all-natural supplements, vitamins, and minerals for many health and nutrition challenges.  To learn more about the products offered by the Institute for Vibrant Living visit http://www.ivlproducts.com


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