Why You Need Water Filters For The Whole House To Ensure Pure, Clean Water In Sinks & Showers

Many people do not realize that you need water filters for the whole house in order to be truly healthy and thrifty. Many people only make use of water filters for drinking or showering. While these filters do provide some benefits, there are many more benefits to be had from whole home filtering systems.

First, take a look at the filters you currently use in your home. Do you use one for your drinking water? What about your shower? What type of filter is it? If it is an under the counter carbon-based model, you are doing pretty good with your drinking water. If it is a pitcher filter, it is likely stripping minerals from your water, and leaving a lot of the synthetic chemicals such as chlorine for you to ingest.

You should also think about how much the filters cost, and how often you must change them. As unlikely as it may seem, a water filter for the whole house is likely to cost less per month than the filters that you purchase for your drinking water alone. Additionally, if you choose a multi-stage water filter for your home you will find that the quality of your drinking water rises dramatically.

If you do not currently use filters in your home, think about these facts. People with water filters for the whole house are less likely to have dermatological problems. They are also likely to have less problems with medications and side effects, as the chemicals in tap water can actually interact with medications and induce these effects. Children in homes without water filters are also more likely to have asthma, due to the levels of chloroform gas released in the air when tap water steams.

Installing a single water filter for the whole house will provide you with other benefits as well. In addition to healthier skin and drinking water, you will also have a much healthier budget. Whole home water filtration systems can save you a fortune.

Think about this. You purchase a shower filter for your family. The mechanism or shower head itself has a cost between $ 50 and $ 200. The filters are likely to last around three months, and will cost around $ 30 to $ 75. You also purchase one for your individual taps. Each countertop filter system will run around $ 50 to $ 150, and the filters are very similar to those used for showers.

If you have two shower filters and three tap filters in your home, as is the need with most families, you are looking at an up front cost of at least $ 250, with an additional monthly cost of at least $ 50 for filter replacements. That is a lot of money to spend for low quality water filters for the whole house.

Another advantage to installing a water filter for the whole house is that you will have what is called soft water. Soft water is water that is PH balanced and free of harsh chemicals and organic compounds. When you utilize soft water, you have many benefits that will save you hundreds of dollars each year.

First, using water filters for the whole house will allow you to save money on soaps and cleansers. The biggest reason that soaps and cleansers disappear so quickly is that they have to counteract the effects of the water to be effective. When you use water filters that produce soft water, you will not need to use as much laundry detergent, dish soap, hand soap, and shampoo to keep your family and your home clean.

Another benefit to installing a water filter for the whole house is that it will allow your clothes to last longer. The harsh chemicals in tap water combined with the cleansers found in laundry detergent can wear on clothing rather quickly. One of the reasons for clothing showing wear is that the laundry detergent is not fully removed from the clothing. When you use soft water for your laundry, you will find that you use less laundry detergent, the clothes come out cleaner, and they last much longer.

Having any water filters for the whole house will greatly improve your lifestyle, health, and budget. However, the best water filtration systems are those with multi-stages that produce PH balanced water. To discover if the water filters you are considering meet these standards, as for performance test data sheets from the manufacturer.

Martin Spencer is a health researcher who has been studying water filtration for over 25 years. He is a regular contributor to Water Filtration Guide, a site dedicated to various methods of treating and purifying water. Learn about a quality water filter for the whole house on our site.

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