CryptoVesting101 – Analyzing bitcoin, altcoins and crypto assets using underlying software fundamentals
Event on 2018-06-23 10:00:00
(After our successful Austin workshop, for the first time in DFW) 2018 is poised to be at least as meteoric, if not more, than 2017. There are over 2000 altcoins on the market, some with solid product offerings; others with nothing more than a whitepaper.  Targeted at all levels of crypto investors – from beginners to advanced, this 95 minute seminar will introduce you to:  1. Crypto and BlockChain Basics Trustless Systems, CryptoCurrencies Properties of Cash, Fiat versus Crypto Blockchain killer apps – MacroPayments, Store of Value, MicroPayments, Tokenization of Assets 2. Getting Started With Crypto Trading Popular Exchanges, Coinbase, GDAX, Binance, Kraken, CoinsBank  – Evaluated and Ranked Rookie Trading Mistakes: How to not get  bitten by exchange or conversion fees; Trading in BTC versus USD Fiat Conversion Fees, Exchange to Exchange Fees Market Orders, Limit Orders, Maker and Taker Orders on GDAX 3. Type of AltCoins Coins versus Tokens – Proofs of Work, Proofs of Stake, delegated PoS Platform Coins Utility Coins Security Tokens Networking/Internet/Social Media AltCoins Digital Assets 4. Alt-Folio Breakdown  Correlation of AltCoins with BitCoin Tips for diversifying your AltFolio: How much to put in each AltCoin Category Portfolio composition – Fiat versus BitCoin versus Altcoin 5. Alt Coins Research Tips, Deep Dive Comparisons (New, Bonus Content *) Market Caps, Percent Increases, Volumes – Which to use when? Working Product, Team, Github checkins Social Media Presence, Website, Twitter, Telegram, Reddit Deep Dive comparisons- Bitcoin Cash vs. Bitcoin, EOS vs. Cardano vs. Ethereum, ZCash vs. Monero 6. ICOs  – The Opportunity and The Risk Researching an ICO, What to avoid Announcements, Roadmaps versus Fundamentals Trustwothy ICO Resources 7. Recap – Summary – Questions Physical seating is limited to provide a better classroom experience. Webinar (Online only attendance) spaces are limited as well. Although there is Q and A during the 90 minute presentation, physical attendance also includes additional Q and A time after the session ends.

at Dallas, Texas, United States
Dallas, Texas, United States
Dallas, United States


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