Are you feeling stressed? Is your anger going to erupt like molten lave? Do you feel sad and lonely? The solution to these questions is laughter. Laughter is the contagious disease that just eases you within seconds. No need of heavy medications or trips to the psychiatrist. A small and daily dosage of laughter is enough to revive you.

For centuries various doctors and physicians have recommended laughter as a medicine for relaxation and mood healer. Laughing increases your blood flow resulting in increasing the pumping of the blood of your heart. Sometimes you may have noticed that after having a belly laugh, your entire body goes for a change. You feel refreshed and your face turns red. It means that while laughing, your blood is getting pumped at a fast speed, resulting in its movement throughout the body.

Even laughter can improve our mood and reduce depression. People who suffer from mood-swings have felt refreshed and cured after laughing. They feel their blood pressure and the feeling of anxiety reducing. Some doctors and scientist have proven that laughter is a good medicine for asthma. While laughing, you intake a great amount of air which is good for your lungs.

No wonder various famous doctors and physicians have termed laughter as a bodily exercise which is so precious to health. No other exercise gives you the exuberant effect like laughter. Seriously, many of us don’t know when was the last time we had a good laughed. It could have been a joke, comedy scene, etc that must have made the muscles in our face to explode in hysterical sound full giggles known as laughter.

Laughter is an excellent therapeutic for pain, unhappiness, sorrow, etc. Seriously, the power of laughter should never be underestimated at any cost. When something or someone makes you laugh, your spirits are lifted. Not only that you get an eternal feeling; a feeling of well-being. Your mind and your body both respond positively to laughter and this is a very powerful demo of the way in which the mind and body are in constant communication and in harmony with each other. You need to have these two important entities for living a continuous and prosperous life.

Frankly, laughter is one of the ways in which you can use your mind to create a positive impact upon your physical body. It doesn’t matter what makes you laugh. Watch a funny movie, listen to a comedian at work or tell some jokes on your Cable TV. These things will naturally boost your mind and body. You will feel refreshed and energized. Somewhat you can say that laughter is an excellent stress buster.

Some people always look to see the funny side of things while others do not. It is inevitable that those who seek out humor will find more fun and laugh more often than those who do not. Everyone has the power to choose to seek out fun and to laugh a lot. These people who seek to find humor may sometimes be termed as idiots and goofs. But they are the people who never get stressed out. Whatever the situation is they just find out the positive aspect of it and turn it into a comedy. So terming them as nincompoops would be our biggest mistake.

Now, it is proven fact that laughter is indeed contagious as if one person laughs then the whole number of people around him will start to laugh. A contagious disease that is good for your health. A question may arise in your mind what are the ways to implement this laughter. It is simple. Try to watch comedy sitcoms, movies, read satiric comedy books and play with your kids. Kids have the unique ability of making you splits in laughter through their behavior and talks.

Mark is a freelance writer and columnist. He writes articles on health, diseases, comedy, etc. Most of his free time is spent in surfing the web and watching comedy movies and sitcoms on his Cable TV

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