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“Chinese counterparts and could not speak the treasure, the story of the main because of the lack of imagination, we can’t give panda find a duck when dad. How to express an interesting story is China’s animation at present the most need to Hollywood. China learning capital and market is objective existence, to do bad is their ability is insufficient. The problem is, pure capital is really into good project.”As the most violent of movies, this year “kung fu panda 2″ and the new dragon warrior appear immediately after the treasure, gained ground for crown this year, including a 400 million yuan in the first film, the first one in the third week, there have been income movies, mainland market blockbuster Hollywood movies the most sequel. In so many records, kung fu panda disputes is also unprecedented warmly, China has a panda, a story, a market, have the funds, why but let these elements into a “and”, others take ore to “attack the jade”. Gap in where? In the hot debate behind, we found that the Chinese animation once because create their own national characteristics, had a brilliant period, review that history or licensing thought some problems found the answer.

Jingjing and bo: two pandas sent?”Across the lawn green, green water, the world over, true friendship red red flowers everywhere……” This is 1996, by the central television youth center of making the animated film panda jingjing “of the last song is” 80 “memories of childhood after the main repertoire. “The panda jingjing is the story the panda jingjing in wild boar beibei’s help, escape from the bamboo grove, looking for new panda paradise, and at the same time was crazy horse all the killing of dr. Virginia story.Kung fu panda 2 “of heat mirror, make people think of this only” domestic panda “. “The panda jingjing” really is of great significance, the birth of the domestic cooperation, is also the from all walks of life is not only the artists of the common efforts of crystallization, and according to the channels of commerce first enter the international market, 29 countries in the world show. At that time, the domestic animation situation seems to not so hopeless, the monkey del piero, guo guo, dr. Crazy, bottle gourd, black cat, the sheriff’s extremely popular in China.But now, being people discuss domestic animation less and less, net friend diasos SOB, “look back more than 10 years of animation, found that China’s animation industry as a generation generation.” The more one called XiaoXiao audience brutal heckle: don’t kung fu panda, does the difficult way want panda jingjing? He said, “young panda jingjing, in order to look for new paradise journey, along the way, resolutely be cheat countless times, each time by get unexpected help, can escape. The role is so weak, who will go to imitate?””Jingjing only to dredge up sympathy, and the treasure is in the wake of our potential. This is Hollywood culture, but also the United States spirit, relying on personal effort to create and protect their homes.” This is XiaoXiao point of view, also represents like kung fu panda, a party’s point of view, hold this view is not a few, but at the same time, against the sound of the large, they think pandas the treasure “theft a national treasure of China and kung fu, weaving American inspiring story, assault or Chinese wallet,” think “the next generation of mind is American fast food attack”.Despite these disputes, not to say, the panda jingjing and panda bo difference? National level of writers, ever made in giant “MaZhongJun said:” Chinese counterparts and could not speak the treasure, the story of the main because of the lack of imagination, we can’t give panda find a duck when dad.” But kung fu panda, dare not only in the first ministry want to come out, also gripped the audience in the finish see after the first one of the biggest doubt “panda father why would be a duck”, will be the second story spread all the way on.China and the United States story: the story said poor?

“Tell good story is not alone in Hollywood, but the universal law of the drama. A few minutes a big climax, a few minutes a little high tide, the” was TKS also did this.” The “plan, TKS Beijing union President,” said HaoYaNing pictures kung fu panda story does well said, whether in Chinese elements of packaging with the main melody to buy Chinese audience, or local audiences’ the wall sweet ‘state of mind, and the audience, I have to tell it what exactly have to explore the magic of the animation. Before we don’t say one word, light shout slogan, antipathy is normal.””Fun”, is “happy” the first, or “teaching” led? This for domestic animation, it used to be very of tangled choice. Beijing film academy animation, dean of the college of SunLiJun don’t approve of put too much emphasis on “sermon”, also do not support a complete emphasize entertaining. “Throw education significance isn’t, but you will find that works is empty, the smile. I worry about the past over China into an error, all think ‘which come so much meaning ah, first laughed again’, too.” vulgar pursuit SunLiJun said. He always think animation films artistic aesthetic feeling and pictures are very important, and deeply religious culture connotation decided to work tension.”” pleasant goat and grey Wolf, too the most successful place, that is, it has a universally applicable open story structure-” Wolf always can’t catch the sheep, which produced” funny is the audience always expect, and former domestic animation is not looking forward to it.” Shanghai media group, deputy director of the film and television play center wang lei said, “how to express an interesting story is China’s animation at present the most need to Hollywood learn.”The Chinese market and the American market: industry chain where poor?

Kung fu panda 2 “the complete industry chain operation was box office and the audience feedback verification. Wuhan university international software college WengZiYang will associate professor “kung fu panda 2″ described as “industrial chain produce of a magnificent goods, a careful processing luxuriant fast food, a copy of success and Hollywood remade the trick to make money.” So, domestic animation industry chain why even such a magnificent goods do not to come out?”China capital and market is objective existence, to do bad is their ability is insufficient. The problem is, pure capital is really into good project, a good project have good team involved in, and it is there a way to benign operation. The audience would rather watch movies, also can’t go to choose some of poorly, and this is the original industry did not subsequent impulsion of the fundamental.” WengZiYang said.Beijing animation company total project less to Mr. Ma also said, to create the industry chain, content is king. But “now author could not write a good script, good story”. He pointed out that, at present, the market share of domestic animation is very big also, the problem is not a high-quality goods, two no atmosphere, very scattered. “If the big industry formed climate, is perilous. The audience, including some critics of the taste of the market will be training or influence, if domestic high-quality goods, you can not long-term immersed in Hollywood, or the Japanese anime, natural for this post. For example, before the big adventure of the Rio, from the picture to the same period, but not jing no domestic high quality movies, this part of the competition market share is automatically make people.”The rampant piracy also block the industrial chain of smooth operation. HaoYaNing think copyright management is not standard dismissed the enthusiasm of domestic animation, “the United States has that environment, 5 years make you quiet making a play, cost back domestic movie theaters. Sometimes just, piracy is all over the ground, fee along while finding, and sometimes movies haven’t released, give stole.” The TKS animation version of ADK via Japan company introduces, into the Japanese anime market, this is the first time China’s original cartoon into the mainstream of Asia distribution channels. “In piracy of rampant, animation version sold 220 million yuan, if not piracy, 300 million yuan are no problem.” HaoYaNing said.The production team blundering may be a factor. Kung fu panda, director John Stevenson had revealed that kung fu panda, the originality of the story to forming, total spent 13 years, with animation film project start to release, spent four years. In contrast, domestic animation but because rush to take back the investment cost, the original need to spend three or four years to make the animation, a year out promotion. “In the blundering society do anime, must be settled down to, I hope that my students, don’t keen on bag of tricks, don’t be confused.” SunLiJun said.

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