It could be the first time you are away from home, travelled on your own or travelled out of the comfort of a package deal holiday but when you chose to volunteer africa, Asia or South America, it will be the first of many more adventurous trips. One very rewarding volunteer abroad program is volunteer teaching. There are a million possibilities about what could happen – good and bad. And, the likelihood is nothing will happen particularly if you travel with an organised party. However, just in case there are certain things that can be done as damage limitation. Here are a few pointers to help you get out of trouble while you are doing volunteer teaching or volunteer abroad research or simply travelling overseas:

Study your Area

Local Knowledge will help with volunteer teaching and adapting to a new environment. The obvious thing is read up on your chosen continent, knowledge is power and a whole load of cultural things will make much more sense if background reading is done.

Documentation Tip

Before you set off on your volunteering adventure take colour photocopies of all your documentation: passports, drivers licence, insurance documents and even bank cards. Leave a copy with someone you trust at home and send an email with all the details to yourself, that way you will always have your documentation numbers as long as there’s internet.

Useful Numbers

Ensure you have your banks international contact details and Iban or Swift codes. If you need to cancel any credit cards or receive a bank transfer because you have ran out of money you’ll have the details to hand. Also, take a contact number for the nearest consulate, your insurance companies contact number and your policy number. These are easy to get when at home but can be more difficult when abroad volunteer teaching in a remote village for example.

Useful things to Pack

It goes without saying that a first aid kit is a must when you volunteer africa or asia but three things that your first aid kit must include are water purification tablets, re-hydration sachets and anti-diarrhoea tablets, most medicines are available overseas but it’s important to carry at least two days worth of basic medicine as you might not be volunteer teaching in a town or city and therefore need medicine until you are able to visit a more urban area. It’s an opportunity of a life-time and once the travelling bug has bitten you will be planning your next adventure as soon as you have arrived home from your last.

Paul Collins is a travel writer and marketer he has completed several volunteer projects. So if you want to volunteer africa, asia, europe or south america or you’d like to know where to do volunteer teaching he’s your man.

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