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42 BELOW Vodka ad from New Zealand

  • Includes one wine pourer/stopper (colors may vary)
  • Flip top to pour without drips
  • Close top to keep wine fresh.
  • Simply rinse clean.
  • Solid silicone spout and seal

Product Description
Perfect for the wine lover. This stylish device not only pours without drips but keep beverages fresh with a simple flip. Also great for oils and vinegars. Package includes one stopper/pourer. Colors may vary.

Orka Wine Pourer and Stopper

Hi, Iam planning to move to Biloxi, Ms to live with my sister and become a cocktail waitress at a casino. What do I need to know before I become a cocktail waitress. I know I need a health card and an alcohol awareness card. What do you all recommend me to know or learn before I apply for a job? By the way, Iam educated, over 21, and attractive.

Led Zepagain Mar 16, 2007 at the Whisky A Go Go, W Hollywood, CA USA – where the mighty Zep played in 1969! *** PART 3: Dazed and Confused (The Song Remains the Same live version) Jimmy Page bow solo cont’d, then on to the finale’ the website for this tribute band is:

Image taken on 2008-09-14 16:56:38 by Onzth.

Product Description
TOP 40’s SWINGIN’ SOFT DRINK SPOTS OF THE 60’s This compilation, originally produced in 1974, as a tribute compilation of Classic Cola Radio Jingles (but never officially released), is an expanded production that gives the opportunity to hear some authentic Top 40 Radio moments from the period, flash before our very ears. The memorable Musical Commercials feature some of the top selling major recording artists of the decade, such as The 4 Seasons, Roy Orbison, The Drifters, Freddie & the Dreamers, Petula Clark, Freddie Cannon, The Coasters, Lesley Gore, Del Shannon & Many More! All performing the unique jingle tunes, in their own, inimitable, renditions which were intended for brief, broadcast periods, then destined for obscurity and collectors’ archives. Some of the best known On-Air Personality DJs, (many of whom also recorded the actual voice-over lead ins on the commercial spots themselves), from the top Markets, are also heard, in actual broadcast sound-byte segment reminiscences. These aircheck moments surround the Classic Soft- Drink Commercials which are typical examples of what those announcers were playing on their programs during the era of classic Hit Radio that introduced the unforgettable, catchy jingles to audiences. Besides the great DJs being heard exactly as they were remembered, this anthology also includes many of the genuine Radio Station Jingles, and period references, and obscure memorabilia, which, all combined, provides a nostalgic sense of what it was really like hearing these great rare, fun commercials for the first time, as they were being broadcast. In addition to the famous Cola ads, which primarily dominated the era’s On-Air beverage ad campaigns, there’s even a little taste of the other Soft Drink spots that also graced the airwaves on occasion, which are sprinkled about the compilation, to give a broader, more diverse flavor of how varied the Soft Drink advertising was. Like the Soda Pop itself, this collection of double CD sets brings good times home again in a 6-pack! Volume 1: (currently available) consists of 1964 & 1965 Ad Campaign jingle spots & memories, as well as a unique Introduction montage of vintage radio sounds, and the development of Soda Ads into slick slogans and spots. (Available on 2 discs, as a double CD Set) Volume 2: (currently available) Remembers 1966 & 1967; Pop Stars and Mod Sounds; (Also on 2 discs, as a double CD Set) Volume 3: (Available Soon) Remembers 1968 & 1969 ;Edgy Rockers,Pop, Soul & More

Top 40 Radios’ Swingin Soft Drink Spots of the 60’s Volume One

  • All natural, no preservatives, artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors
  • 13% juice which is not from concentrate, 11 grams of fiber per 16 oz serving
  • Low glycemic, sweetened with pure organic Grade B maple syrup
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Antioxidants, electrolytes, packed with high levels of vitamins and minerals

Product Description
Simplifast is the first all natural ‘ready to drink’ fasting beverage that cleanses and restores the body. It is made from the healing powers of lemon to rid the body of toxins.

Simplifast Strawberry Detox Fasting Beverage, 16-Ounce Bottles

Cocktail Hour with Fashion Designer

The excitement of spring fashion is in the air. This season designers are filled with romantic nostalgia and passion about women’s clothing. To get one step ahead of style be prepared: your shopping list will be long… but every purchase will be worth it.

The focal point of the new season’s fashion is the silhouette, freely molded and shaped with layers of fabric, asymmetrical cuts, pleats, gathers in crossover mood between yesterday and today.

Dresses are the stars of Spring-Summer ’08. This season’s highlights:

BIG PRINTS. Look for colors and contrast. Red, Yellow, Green, Black, White, and Pink will do. Prints that are blown out of proportion, yet elegant and chic. Feel free to layer it with a strong cotton jacket or a pair of leggings.

RUFFLES and RUCHES will bring a playful and innocent look to any women. Long or short dresses, with Empire waistline and embellished with pinups, big flowers. Use them for any social occasion you might have: cocktail party, or dream prom party.

The SIGNATURE DRESS of this season is the ONESHOULDER dress. The asymmetrical cut accentuates femininity and brings a touch of seduction.

Accessories are stated as “must haves” to every look. Go crazy with bags: extra large versions to look chic and confident, and extra small for more sophisticated feel. Don’t forget about pearls, necklaces, cuffs, scarves and belts.

If you breath and live fashion and you are interested to always be one step ahead of incoming style and trends, come and visit us at where you will find the latest women’s clothing and accessories collections filled with distinguished romanticism and seduction. One of the strongest designers today in the fashion world offers to you a unique opportunity to create and complement your wardrobe with timeless pieces of clothing. And accessories that eventually will become a collectible classics essentials of your closet.

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My best regards and luck to you in the world of High Fashion,

Natasha Leratti

Fashion Designer, born in Europe, studied from greatest masters in the world. Now designing, showing and selling her collection in United States.

Image taken on 2007-01-13 16:08:50 by erix!.

I was so impressed by Dead Sara’s last performance at the Whisky a Go Go, that I thought I would catch them again. (Could I be right? Is Dead Sara LA’s next gem?)

So I went to the Knitting Factory, Saturday, February 3, 2007, but I didn’t get there until 10:00pm. A number of people told me they liked the band that just played, The Vespertines, but I can’t attest to much else myself. Catch them on MySpace if you are interested.

First band up after I arrived, THE AMNESTY ( You can hear them on MySpace under Connor Ragan if you are interested.) They seem to have a good number of fans in the audience. (They were sold out.) At first they didn’t seem bad. Good music, but the lead singer does need a few vocal lessons, though he did have a good stage presence, and communicated to his audience well. But, after about 3 songs I started getting a little bored and antsy. Songs weren’t distinct, vocals weren’t good. These guys may have potential but they need a little more practice. Their MySpace music is much better than this live performance was, though even on MySpace it is evident the lead singer needs to get some vocal training.

Their performance: Decent, but a little boring after awhile; Musicianship: Decent; Vocals: a little off key, (sound better on MySpace); Creativity: OK, but after a while individual songs made no distinct impression on me. Audience rapport: good. They seemed to have a lot of fans, and the audience was paying attention as they played. Final analysis. Improving the vocals would really help this band. However, in all fairness, the lead singer was complaining to the soundman throughout his set that he couldn’t hear himself. (But in complete fairness, Dead Sara complained about that too, but their vocals still rocked.)

Second up: DEAD SARA ( You can hear them on MySpace if you are interested.) What can I say. Dead Sara Rocked again! The crowded room even got more crowded when Dead Sara took the stage. (Another sold out performance, but it seemed like extra people were sneaking in the room, because it was really crowded.) And the already excited audience even got more excited as Dead Sara began. They did a set similar to the Whisky set they did. They opened up with their two song two member (reminiscent of the White Stripes) set, and finished with four more songs (Including “Innuendo” and “Momma Told Me” from MySpace) with a guest bassist and drummer (Their MySpace page still says bassist and drummer needed).

Performance: Great again! These girls (Emily and Siouxsie) rock, are alive, love music, and seem to have that extra quality that most of the other shows I see lack–these girls are going to be stars–It just shows. Musicianship: Great. Siouxsie rocked again on both guitar and drums. Vocals: Excellent! Again best vocals of the night. Great voice and Emily can both scream and sing! ( Not the same style but vocally reminiscent of Janis Joplin’s ability to both scream and sing.) Creativity: Tops! Good mixture of songs and styles. Nothing boring. Audience rapport. Great! They were totally in sync with the crowd and afterwards you hear nothing but good comments coming out of everyone’s mouths. Final Analysis: Like I said last time, keep your eyes on these girls. They are going places.

Third up: ENDLESS HALLWAY. ( They too can be found on MySpace). Good rocking music. But the vocals were a little weak (better on MySpace) and stage personality was even weaker. Didn’t really communicate to the audience at all. But very good musicianship. Had a good size following there and like Dead Sara and The Amnesty they were sold out and had the audience with them throughout their set.

Performance: Overall, good. Musicianship: Very good. A good tight band. Rockin’ music. Vocals: A little weak, (Better on MySpace than live.) Creativity: Good, not a lot of variation of style, but none the less good. Didn’t get boring. Audience rapport. None. Didn’t seem to think it important to communicate to the audience, so they didn’t. None the less they seemed to have lots of fans there, and the fans liked them. Final Analysis. Worth seeing. Especially if you like good rockin’ music.

As for me, I was mainly there to see Dead Sara. After seeing them at the Whisky I kind of consider them a rare find–a diamond in the rough. And apparently I am not the only one. As I type here at my keyboard this Sunday morning, I am already hearing rumors that Dead Sara was approached by record execs last night who were “wowed” and want to sign them.

Hey Guys –I found them first!

So I guess I am going to have to track these girls down and do an interview before they get too big and famous to remember me.

Sounds like a plan.

(c)2007 Ron Powers

Ron Powers is a musician that likes to express his opinion. Additional information on this topic is at