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For any celebration or glorious moment in life, wine is essential to have. Parties and celebrations are thought of as being incomplete unless there is wine present, which makes it an ideal gift for virtually any occasion. Wine gift baskets are a great gift; they are very affordable and perfect for nearly any occasion – such as birthdays, weddings, festivals, parties, or anniversaries.

Used for drinking and tasting wine, the proper use of wine glasses is also an important part of cuisine etiquettes. Part of the frequently neglected yet highly obvious thing about the correct use of wine glasses is the stem part of the glass. The proper manner to drink a wine from wine glasses is to hold its stem, then drink.

The temperature of the wine, which turns out to play a favorable factor in the overall taste of the drink, is not at all affected if your follow the correct way of holding wine glasses. This is obtained since the stem of the glass is not directly in contact with the drink. The wine temperature will be a lot harder to control had one grasped the glass by its bowl since it is directly in contact with the drink.

Glasses for the white wine are narrower with tulip-shaped or straight sides. Its narrowness lets a chilled white wine to keep its temperature. Champagne wine glasses are tall, with narrow bowl on the top. This design is intended for the sparkling wines to remain desirable when consumed.

Print4Half.Com has newly launched variety wine glasses to fulfill your needs. Popular wine glasses include 10.25oz. Vina Tall Wine Glass, 10oz. Citation Wine Globlet Glass, 11oz. Sofia Twist Stem Wine Goblet, 12.5oz Citation Red Wine Glass, 12.75oz. Vina Wine Taster Glass, 12oz Aficionado Wine Glass, 13.5oz Aficionado Balloon, 16.75oz Red Wine Glass, 17oz. Cobalt Blue Stem less Wine Glass, 17oz. Cobalt Blue Stem less, 18 1/4oz.Vina Diamond Balloon Wine Glass, 6 oz. Vina Tall Wine Glass, 6.5oz Libbey Citation Tall Wine Glass, 8.5 oz. Vina Tall Wine Glass, 8oz Aficionado Wine Glass, 8oz Libbey Citation Wine / Beer Glass, 9oz. Sofia Twist Stem Wine Glass, 8oz. Napa Country Custom wine glass, Stem less Red Wine Glass, Stem less White Wine Glass and more with unique – standard designs.

For wine lovers, Print4Half.Com shares ideas with special variety wine glasses that include fruity red wine, tangy white wine, full bodied wine, dry wine, sparkling wine, and even sweet wine. Red wine is ideal for main course meals such as meats, while white wine is ideal for seafood and white meat. Sparkling wine on the other hand, is ideal for special occasions. If you are giving the gift basket as a wedding present, sparkling wine is a choice that you can’t go wrong with. Sparkling wine is one of the most popular types of wine – perfect for weddings and anniversaries.

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Plug this handy device into your computer and keep any beverage nice and toasty or cool as ice. Simply flip the switch on the back of the USB Beverage Cup Cooler and Warmer to alternate between heating and cooling. What we love the most about this device is that it’s pretty darned rugged, but still looks stylish. Some of the other USB Warmers (and coolers) that we tested looked like they came out of a box of Cracker Jacks. If you’d like to purchase the USB Beverage Cup Cooler and Warmer, visit us at:

Obesity is, admittedly, an intricate issue that may depend on numerous factors. Genetics, eating habits, lifestyle and exercise are some of the most commonly referred causes of obesity. Although there is no single cause for obesity, researchers have correlated the increased consumption of sugary beverages with the rise of obesity in the United States, considering the soft drink consumption as one of the top contributors to the obesity problem.

In 2005, ‘Liquid Candy’, a report produced by the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), suggested that soft drinks are the leading source of calories in the diet of Americans. Soft drinks have a high concentration of added sugars, and particularly, fructose corn syrup in each can. However, as fructose is known for not affecting appetite, people who regularly consume fructose-sweetened drinks do not feel satiated and thus overconsumption is encouraged. Besides, companies produce nearly 52 gallons of soda pop per year, enough to fill up every man, woman or child.

Another study conducted by a Harvard School of Public Health indicated that the increased consumption of soft drinks by women from less than one per week to more than one per day resulted in gaining eighteen pounds on average per year. On the contrary, women who cut back on soft drink consumption and reduced it to no more than one per day gained only six pounds on average per year. Besides obesity, overconsumption of soft drinks was also associated to severe health conditions such as type 2 diabetes.

The increased consumption of soft drinks per day may add up to fifteen pounds to an average body weight in a year. Besides, added sugars are not only high on calories, but they also impede the natural ability of body to process calories. High intake of added sugars displaces the nutritional value of a healthy diet and is correlated to lower intake of vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. As a result, overconsumption of soft drinks is implicated for high triglyceride and cholesterol levels.

According to the American Heart Association, the recommended consumption of added sugars should account up to 10 percent of total daily consumption in order to avoid metabolic abnormalities, unfavorable health conditions and deficit in essential nutrients. However, the average American consumes 130 calories and eight teaspoons of sugar per day by drinking one 12-ounce can of soft drink. Besides, American children consume one-third of their daily calories from soft drinks and may account even for 43 percent of their total daily consumption.

Beyond any doubt, the empty calories of soft drinks contribute to obesity. This has become more evident in the late 1990s when consumption of soft drinks reached its peak, an impressive 56.1 gallons per American yearly (!). According to scientific evidence, obesity is directly related to soft drink consumption. In return, excess weight leads to severe health conditions such as heart diseases, strokes and cancer. No wonder then why obesity is the second cause of death in the United States, after cancer.

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Glengoyne Distillery is renowned as the most attractive distillery in Scotland. Located in close proximity to Loch Lomond and the Trossachs, this beautiful distillery lies on the picturesque A81 and is a mere 15 miles north of Glasgow.

Glengoyne Distillery is well known for manufacturing an exceptional single malt scotch whisky for a period of more than 200 years. The name of the distillery has derived from Glen Guin or in other words Glen of the Wild Geese. Occupying a peaceful location, the distillery lies close to a small beautiful river that flows to Loch Lomond.

This unique and fascinating Scotch whisky manufacturing base is set amidst a wooded valley towards the southern Highlands of Scotland. The buildings that house the distillery are exceptionally smart with whitewashed walls. It is similarised to a white Jewel set beneath the beautiful Campsie Hills by the entrance to the Highlands.

This world famous distillery offers its visitors various types of factory tours that suit any type of budget.  For instance, the Glengoyne Tour welcomes the visitor with a shot of the 10 year old Highland Single Malt Whisky. This informative and exciting guided tour also includes a brief video presentation and ends at the Slainte Mhath Shop.

The Wee Tasting Tour includes the Glengoyne Tour along with the chance to taste the 17 year old award winning Glengoyne Highland Single Malt Whisky. One of the most amazing tours at the Glengoyne Distillery is the Tasting Tour that starts off with a welcome dram of the 10 year and 12 year old Highland Single Malt Whisky. It also features an informative yet brief video presentation and an interesting guided tour around the distillery.

Other exciting tours include Cask Tasting Tour, Master Blender Session where visitors will get the chance to churn out their very own blended whisky. All this and more can be enjoyed and experienced at the world renowned Glengoyne Distillery. Visitors can easily plan their stay at a nearby Glasgow Hotel such as Millennium Hotel Glasgow and further explore this fascinating world class whiskey manufacturing base.

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