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I weigh around 160 lbs and I have a pretty high tolerance. How much vodka do u think I would need to drink to get drunk and does anyone have a favorite kind that they would recommend?

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To make a Sazerac you will need two bottom heavy, 3 ½ ounce bar glasses. Fill one with cracked ice and water and allow it to chill. In the other glass place a lump of sugar along with just enough water to dampen it. The saturated lump of sugar can then be flattened and crushed with a spoon. Add a couple of drops of bitters, a dash of Angostura, a hearty shot of whiskey, for while bourbon may suffice for a julep it is not appropriate for a genuine Sazerac. In the glass containing sugar, bitters, and whiskey add quite a few lumps of ice and stir. A shaker is not necessary to make this drink.

Next empty the first glass of ice, add in several drops of absinthe, swirl the glass around a few times, and shake out the absinthe. The perfect amount will cling to the glass to give the cocktail the necessary zest. Strain into this glass the whiskey concoction, twist a rind of lemon peel over it for some extra flavor, but do not drop the rind into the drink-the lemon peel will overpower the cocktail otherwise. Some bartenders add a cherry, which makes for a nice garnish but is not absolutely necessary.

Kentucky Whiskey Cocktail

The ingredients needed for this libation are the following: 1 generous shot of bourbon whiskey, 1 shot of unsweetened pineapple juice, and 1 lump of sugar.

Begin by dissolving the sugar in the pineapple juice. Add in the bourbon, then followed by some ice cubes. Stir, then strain into a serving glass.

This cocktail can be made with whiskey, but then it would not be a true Kentucky Whiskey Cocktail, although the name might suggest something different. Some make this cocktail with orange juice instead of pineapple while some use sweetened pineapple juice. In the case of sweetened pineapple juice, the lump of sugar may not be needed.

Old Fashioned Cocktail

1 lump of sugar
2 dashes of bitters
1 large shot of whiskey
1 lemon peel
1 chunk of pineapple
1 orange peel
1 maraschino cherry

Add the sugar lump and bitters into a bottom heavy glass and muddle. Pour in the shot of whiskey and stir with several ice cubes. Do not use a shaker-allow the mixture to remain in the glass it was first mixed in. Garnish with the orange peel, chunk of pineapple, and the cherry with a dash of the maraschino juice. Twist the slice of lemon peel over everything and serve with a spoon.

Although this cocktail is indeed old fashioned it is as appealing to good taste now as it was on Derby Day a half century ago when the originator first stirred it into being at the Pendennis Club in Louisville, Kentucky.

The Old Fashioned has been a New Orleans tradition for countless years and when other whiskey drinks with fancy names have come and gone, the Old Fashioned will continue to entertain experienced palates. Do not try and use gin, rum, or brandy to take the place of whiskey in an Old Fashioned. An authentic Old Fashioned demands whiskey and a sturdy bar coaster.

Blue Blazer

1 lump of sugar
1 large shot of Scotch whiskey
1 shot of hot water

Have two mugs on hand and in one, dissolve the lump of sugar in the hot water. Next add the whiskey; be sure it’s a quality brand with a high alcohol percentage, for it has to burn. Then carefully ignite the mixture. Hold the burning mug in one hand, then empty the fluid rapidly from one container to the other so that a streak of blue flame connects the two. Serve in a glass that is appropriate for hot liquid after twisting a bit of lemon peel over the mixture and topping with a grating of nutmeg. It is recommended to place the hot drink on a stone coaster of some kind to avoid damaging the surface it is resting on.

If you have cold feet, chattering teeth, the shivers, or frozen fingers, and want to warm up, you can thaw out no better than with a Blue Blazer.

This drink was a popular alcoholic drink aboard the lavish paddle-wheeled steamboats that churned the waters of the Mississippi during the time the Natchez and Robert E. Lee made history in upstream races to Saint Louis. The bartenders were expert in transferring the blue-flamed liquid from one mug to another, accomplishing the task with an agility that kept the flames from singeing their beards and moustaches before deftly placing the burning drink down on the patron’s drink coaster!

Sarah Martin is a freelance marketing writer based out of San Diego, CA. She enoys travel and gardening and enjoys playing bartender in her free time. For a great selection of sandstone drink coasters, please visit

I have a bottle of Seagram’s VO Canadian whisky. I would like to know how long it can be aged for, and if there is a limit on aging. Or if it should be aged at all. Any information will be appreciated.

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If you have a growing collection of wine, it may be time to consider constructing a wine cellar. Some time ago the custom wine cellar was a rarity; today more and more wine lovers are learning about wine cellar construction or contracting the work out to those who know how to do the job correctly.

Wine cellar rooms are more than a dark, cool place to hold an assortment of wine bottles. Today’s custom wine cellar is a controlled environment where humidity and temperature are regulated to allow wine to correctly age without harm to corks, labels or the wine itself.

There are two styles of wine cellars. One is a room that has been particularly constructed to store wine in the perfect environment and the other is a stand-alone unit that mirrors those conditions. A stand-alone wine cellar is not as valuable as a custom-built version, but some people desire the aesthetics of a small cooled refrigerator over a custom wine cellar. Those who do choose a custom cellar have three simple considerations for proper design.

Temperature Control and Venting

A wine cellar room is used to hold and age the wine in the bottle rather than keeping it at a serving temperature. (A stand-alone wine fridge is excellent for bringing wine out of the cellar to store at serving temperatures.) Aging wine is a balance of time, temperature and the chemical reactions that occur as an outcome of the two.

Wine should be aged in conditions ranging between 55 and 65 percent humidity and a solid 55 degrees Fahrenheit, give or take one degree. Wine stored at higher temperatures will age quicker and wine experiences chemical reactions at higher temperatures that devalue the flavor over time.

In some areas of the country, homeowners with basements often find that conditions are right for basic wine storage, but seasonal temperature and humidity variations should be avoided. The best storage solution is a custom-built or DIY-construction wine cellar with climate and humidity control using a wine cellar cooling component to maintain the temperature at a stable 55 degrees.

These units come in a variety of sizes and the dimensions of your wine cellar will control what size you need to purchase. In no way select a wine cooling system too small for your room; you most likely will never get an accurate, optimal storage temperature and the cooling unit will become overtaxed trying to keep up.

Wine cooling units demand proper venting, and your wine cellar construction job requires either a hole in the wall to permit venting outdoors or enough vent space to move warm air out of the room. Check the specs of your wine cooling unit; most require a venting space at least two times as large as the wine cellar space itself.

Electrical power is also an issue. Custom wine cellar builders recommend a devoted power source to run a wine cooling unit. Those who want to use a shared power source frequently find the system overloading with blown fuses and other electrical issues.

Insulation and Vapor Barriers

The wine cooling unit is only part of your climate control plan for a custom wine cellar; you also need a vapor barrier made of plastic sheeting used on the “hot” side of the wall. Some people cover the interior of the wine cellar previous to placing the insulation, leaving the plastic loose so that insulation can be positioned between the studs in the wall. Wrap the ceiling and the walls, or your vapor barrier will be incomplete. After the barrier is installed, the insulation will come next.

Good wine cellar construction requires the right kind of insulation for your walls and ceiling. For example, if you are building a 2×6 wall, R19 insulation is recommended, but if you have a smaller wall of 2×4, R13 may be your best bet. (The “R” designation represents the heat resistance of the insulation.) Ceilings need R30. Custom wine cellar builders should never set up the insulation loose without packing the material into the sections, as this lessens the insulation’s effectiveness.

The next step is to install a kind of drywall called green board, which is moisture-resistant, making it a bit more expensive than normal drywall. Install an exterior-grade door to the wine cellar and your climate control plan is finished.

Lighting and UV Exposure Control

Wine is destroyed by UV exposure, which is why the bottles are usually made out of dark glass. Avoid putting in fluorescent bulbs in the wine cellar room, as they give off UV radiation. Control the brightness by using recessed lighting on a dimmer and avoid shining light directly on your wine bottles for long periods of time. Some wine racks are constructed with compartments that hide bottles from the light which can help reduce exposure, but if your bottles are stowed in clear view, try to avoid the “spotlight” effect on your bottles.

Other Concerns

Just about any kind of flooring can be used in your custom wine cellar. If your home is big enough for a tasting room to complement your cellar, you may want to give them both a matching look, but by no means use carpet and rugs in the cellar area. They simply can’t hold up to the required humidity levels without giving away to mold. Mold growth will spoil your wine, as can any powerful odor from chemicals or cheeses. A wine cellar should be used only to hold wine; store food in a separate area.

At all times check the temperature and humidity in your wine cellar with an external sensor or gauge. Never assume that the wine cooling component will always function properly. A quick look at the external gauge can offer you early warning if the wine cooling system is having difficulties, or if the unit is showing a wrong readout because of a bad sensor or other technical problems.

Making a custom wine room may ask for some attention to the design demands of good wine storage, but once correctly built, you may realize that your collection grows rapidly; it’s simple to invest more money in wine when you know it will be held securely for maximum delight.

Ben Adams is the marketing director for Vigilant, Inc. a luxury goods manufacturer in Dover, NH. Vigilant is a premier manufacturer of wine cellars, wine racks and wine cellar doors as well as cigar storage equipment. Vigilant partners with homeowners and businesses to create wine storage spaces to fulfill the need for complete and precise protection for collections of fine wine. Please visit them at for additional information or to learn about any of their wine storage or cigar storage products.

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Champagne is something that always signifies a celebration – it is a sparkling wine with a fantastic pedigree and is associated with stylish parties and the rich and famous. There are various types of champagne, some people make the mistake of thinking that all sparkling wine is champagne. This is not the case, true champagne comes from one region of France – funnily enough it is called Champagne and is in the North of the country!

In addition to champagne there are many other types of sparkling wine which are equally as good on the palate but just don’t have that pedigree of coming from the traditional champagne making region of France. Cava is the Spanish version, Prosecco the Italian and Sec the German.

Real Champagne comes in a variety of styles which all have special names and characteristics. Brut is what the exceptionally dry version of Champagne is called, Demi Sec is the sweeter version and then there is the vintage and non vintage. Vintage Champagne is made solely from grapes form a particular year whereas non-vintage is made from grapes from blends of wine that have been produced over a longer period of time.

Champagne can be used in many things and is often added to desserts when cooking to produce fantastic sorbets or great sauces and ice creams. In this article we are going to concentrate on how you can make some fantastic classic cocktails with champagne. This will hopefully encourage you to go out and buy loads of the bubbly nectar and hold a fantastic party for all your friends. One thing that is for sure is that you will really impress them with your new found skills!

The first thing to make sure you have in your house are champagne glasses. These should always be the Flute type glass as this allows the bubbles to move from the bottom to the top of the glass, also the more space the bubbles have to move around the longer the champagne will have to keep its fizz. Also always remember to chill the champagne before you start – your cocktails need to be cold and refreshing and champagne should never be served warm!

The best known champagne cocktail is probably Buck’s Fizz but I think this is rather a cop out on the cocktail front so that recipe is not in this article. Another well known one and something that always seems sophisticated is probably the easiest – the Kir Royale. This is made by putting a measure of crème de cassis (blackcurrant syrup liqueur) into a flute glass and topping up with ice cold champagne. this is a great cocktail to welcome guests to a party because it is so easy to make.

Another great cocktail to impress your guests is the ‘Classic Champagne Cocktail’. Firstly you put a sugar cube in the bottom of the glass and drip a few drops of Angostura bitters on top if it. Then pour enough cognac in the glass to cover up the sugar cube . Top up with champagne and you have a classic cocktail which you can’t drink too many of as it is a guaranteed way to get very merry very quickly!

Fiona Muller has been writing for over 20 years. She is a qualified journalist and has worked in food and drink including champagne and cocktails related writing for the last few years. For a range of champagnes go to

If you personally make the choice that you are going to drink alcohol, whether on a regular basis or occasionally, you need to be sure that you always drink responsibly.

There are a variety of different habits that you need to get into if you are going to drink in a responsible manner. Remember that you will be held responsible for your actions, whether you were drinking or not, so it is important that you only drink in a responsible manner.

The following are a few tips that can help you with responsible drinking habits.

1. Only Drink When YOU Want To

It may be easy for you to be pressured into drinking alcohol by friends, but you should only drink whenever you feel like you want to. If you are not comfortable drinking in a certain environment, or you are just not in the mood to drink, stick to how you feel and do not let others dictate when and where you drink.

2.Know When To Stop

If you decide to drink alcohol, you need to be responsible enough to know when you need to stop drinking. If you want to test your limits, make sure you do it at home with someone you trust so you can get an idea of when you should stop before you become out of control and unaware. Many people find that drinking any more than one drink in an hour can cause problems.

3. Drink Slowly

If you are going to drink responsibly you need to be sure that you drink slowly. People get drunk quickly when they gulp down drinks and do not realize how much they are consuming. Take the time to enjoy what you are drinking and focus on the wonderful flavors instead of drinking a large quantity quickly.

4. Double Fist Your Drinks

If you are drinking an alcoholic beverage it is a great idea to have a glass of water there as well and drink the two together. Drinking the water in between sips of your alcohol can help to keep the concentration of the alcohol down in your blood stream. You are also less likely to have a hangover the next day if you keep hydrated as well.

5. Designate a Driver

If you are going out and plan on drinking, always make sure that someone is designated to drive and that they have no alcohol whatsoever. If there is no designated driver, you should be the responsible one and abstain from drinking. Remember that driving under the influence, no matter how little, can kill.

Having responsible drinking habits is very important if you are planning to consume alcohol. Being responsible while drinking can keep you healthy, keep you out of embarrassing situations, and most important of all – it can save your life.

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