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It has been 50 years since the sports drink was introduced to athletes in the United States. The first sports drink, Bengal Punch, was given to athletes at Louisiana State University in 1958. Gatorade, the most recognizable name in sports drinks, debuted the following decade at the University of Florida and revolutionized the way athletes energize and re-hydrate themselves during a sporting event.

Since then, other sports drinks similar to Gatorade have been introduced to the market, including Glaceau Vitamin Water. These drinks are incredibly popular with adult and teen athletes, as well as beverage consumers in general.

The main ingredients that sports drinks contain which enhance athletic performance are electrolytes, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Athletes can gain many benefits from sports drinks while they are physically active. Among the most important of these aspects are:

Replenishment of Electrolytes

Electrolytes are salts that are naturally part of body fluids. When an athlete (or a gardener or a mail carrier or anyone else who engages in physical activity) sweats, electrolytes are lost through the sweat. If electrolytes are lost too quickly, the body does not have the ability to restore them as rapidly as they were lost. Sports drinks contain electrolytes such as chloride, sodium, and potassium to help replenish what was lost through sweat. Introducing electrolytes back into the body helps keep dehydration from occurring. Dehydration can become a very serious problem if not attended to. Electrolytes help to increase the absorption of fluids into the bloodstream.

A person who is exerting energy can quickly become dehydrated, in as little as 30 minutes. Therefore, it is suggested that athletes begin drinking a sports drink even before they start their activity.

Replenishment of Energy

Anyone who has ever exercised knows that fatigue can occur quickly. One of the reasons for this is that exercise increases metabolism, and when a person’s metabolism is working overtime, it breaks down carbohydrates quickly. Carbohydrates are one of the main sources of energy for the body.

By replacing lost carbohydrates, the body can continue to work efficiently and an athlete has more energy to complete their activity.

Replacement of Lost Vitamins and Minerals

The human body also draws energy from various vitamins and minerals only found in certain foods, beverages or supplements. Sports drinks contain these vitamins and minerals to help keep the body working efficiently during activity.

Quenching of Thirst

As the body loses fluids, a person who is exerting energy will become thirsty. The ingredients found in sports drinks can quench thirst as effectively as water and better than soft drinks leaving the person feeling more refreshed and energized.

The Right Balance of Ingredients

In the past, many athletes created their own energy/sports drinks. Some still do. However, a sports drink that has a proper balance of ingredients will be much more effective than a homemade version. Most commercial sports drinks have the correct balance of electrolytes, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and liquids. Without the right mix of ingredients in the proper amounts, a sports drink could hinder instead of enhance performance. Upset stomach or poor absorption rate of the drink could occur from the wrong balance of ingredients.

A Variety of Color and Flavor Choices

If you think that the color of a sports drink does not make a difference, spend a few minutes at the snack bar at a Little League field. Children, and many adults, find the color choice very important. Color can invoke a mood such as a cool blue color giving the feel of thirst quenching mountain water or a hot red color invoking the image of energy. It may be psychological, but it is still important.

Those who drink sports drinks also have taste preferences, and with the variety of sports drinks offered today, there is a choice for every taste.

They Don’t “Run Through” a Body as Quickly as Water

Water may quench thirst, but it doesn’t replenish any of the lost electrolytes, carbohydrates, vitamins or minerals that sports drinks can. Although all of these things are lost during sweating, they can also be lost through urination. Water causes more frequent urination than sports drinks do. Therefore, sports drinks not only replenish these important electrolytes, carbohydrates, vitamins or minerals, they also can help the body hold on to the ones they already have for a longer period of time.

The main ingredient in any sports drink is, of course, water. Water is important for re-hydration. The additional ingredients in sports drinks make them a better choice than water alone for athletes and others who exert a lot of energy and need to replenish the essential nutrients that have been quickly depleted in their bodies.

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Cocktail dresses were originally designed for women to wear out to an important function or for a special evening event. Though still considered formal wear, women nowadays are taking this garment in whole new directions. Today, the dresses are worn at a variety of different events and functions and in the earlier part of the evening as well as the later part of the afternoon.

When selecting a cocktail dress, you want to choose something that is in style. Make sure, however, that it is fashionable for you because all women are built differently. Not all women can get away with wearing all the types of formal dresses that are out there. Each figure type can find a variety of suitable dresses. Most women have a regular type figure, with some lucky enough to have the body of a supermodel.

One of the important things to consider when shopping for a formal garment is body type. Formal wear should flatter a woman’s complete figure. Women who are more bottom-heavy (larger below the waist) should keep the focus on the upper part of their bodies and their faces. If a woman is top-heavy (larger above the waist), she should draw attention to the lower half of her body, possibly focusing on her legs.

For a woman who is bottom-heavy, a fashionable cocktail dress should have a form-fitting waistline, but should not be too tight. A flared look is vital for the skirt portion of the dress. This look will help to conceal some of the hips and thighs.

The skirt should be full rather than short in order to avoid showing anything embarrassing. Layered tiers or ruffles along the bottom could be used to make flares. You could also wear sparkling tank-style dress with the hem slightly flared.

Raising the waistline is an alternative for women who may be heavy at the bottom, so that the whole body has coverage. A strapless or sleeveless top could be chosen along with a flared skirt. This would allow her arms to accentuate her figure to a greater extent than her hips.

A cocktail dress that draws attention to her legs would be a stylish look for a woman who is larger on top. This can be achieved by wearing a solid color. A cocktail dress with a short skirt would really accentuate her legs. It is easy for women to find dresses that have a hemline just above the knee.

Should they choose to focus on cleavage, these women can make their dresses more revealing and show a bit of skin. A revealing V-cut or plunging neckline can be very effective. To reveal more, cover less at the top. With that, the dress could be accentuated with a bubbled hemline.

Currently, it is fashionable for some women to display cleavage. It gives them a sensuous appearance, and a number of female Hollywood celebrities have been following this trend for some time.

Wearing a fashionable cocktail dress is more than the dress itself. Accessories are necessary to complete a wardrobe. Earrings, bracelets, chokers, necklaces, and small handbags can aid in achieving your look. Neck jewelry may not be necessary depending on how the neckline is designed on the dress. Once you have the dress, you will be better able to choose accessories to complement it.

The addition of some simple accessories can make cocktail dresses stylish for any lady.

As a top heavy woman, Sasha LeMarcon is very aware that not all cocktail dresses is designed for everyone. Sasha personally wears short cocktail dresses that show off her legs and give her figure just the right emphasis. When it comes to Nicole Miller dresses, Sasha knows her stuff and is willing to wear it too!

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I’m on a diet and I’m wondering what alcholic beverage I can drink. Please don’t tell me to drink no alcholic beverages. I’m aware that that is the best way to go, but that’s not going to happen. So what can I drink?

Kool-Aid Twists Watermelon Cherry Unsweetened Soft Drink Mix, 0.15-Ounce Envelopes

Many people think sports drink and energy drink are the same things but they are made for totally different consumers.

Most of the time we end up buying energy and sports drinks. We usually buy these products without knowing the difference between energy and sports drink. Many a times energy drinks are bought to have instead of a soft drink or to quench thirst but in reality that is not the purpose of energy drink. All you are doing is taking in lot of calories without making any effort to burn them. Energy drinks are mental stimulants; basically they are soft drinks which have caffeine, taurine and glucuronolactone with more calories than the normal soft drinks. Since the time new energy drinks have been introduced with alcohol content in them, there have been valid concerns about the consumption by the masses. The ingredients of energy drink usually include herbs like ginkgo and ginseng, amino acids including taurine and vitamins. It also has plant based stimulants like guarana but a major ingredient is caffeine. There are certain side effects that have been observed like difficulty in sleeping, indigestion, anxiety and palpitation. Furthermore it has been seen that excess intake of these drinks coupled with no exercise leads to obesity, since there is a considerable amount of sugar content in the drink.

Sports drinks are manufactured keeping in mind people who are more physically active or are athletes. These drinks don’t have stimulant effect but some of them might contain caffeine. Usually these sports drinks are rich in carbohydrates and are designed to take before or after an exercise regime. These sports drinks are usually safe and have been made after extensive scientific and nutritional research. The higher the levels of carbohydrates in the drink the slower will be the rate at which the stomach will be empty. Electrolytes in a drink will reduce the urine output and would encourage fluid retention and prevent dehydration. There are three different types of sports drink content that are available in the market. One is Isotonic which replaces fluids quickly which are lost due to sweating and gives a boost of carbohydrates.  This is used by most of the athletics especially the middle and long distance runners or team sports. The Second type is Hypotonic is for athletics who need fluids without the boost of carbohydrates like jockeys and gymnasts. The third type is the Hypertonic which are taken during exercise to meet the energy requirements.

It is important to note that mixing sports and energy drink with alcohol is becoming a thrilling practice with the youngsters who should not try this at any cost since energy drink is a stimulant and alcohol is a depressant. The effect of contrasting the two can be harsh for the body. These days’ energy drinks are used by people who are leading a very busy and hectic life. It is important to know what is healthy for our body and what the body truly needs. There are healthy drinks available in the market like Purple and Monavie which are a better choice than energy or sports drink.

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iron and Wine – Such Great Heights

Accessories are often considered the weak link in the wine chain that can be done without, an item that is extra, just an attachment that is less useful than wine itself. Wine accessories can be considered supplementary instead of complimentary. Through this article the function of the most commonly issued wine accessories is discussed to show how the enjoyment of wine cannot be truly fulfilled without the correct accessories forming part of the experience of wine drinking. Not to mention the extremely lucrative market of collectible items such as Victorian bottle openers and decanters.

Among the most popular wine accessories are wine glasses, corkscrews, decanters, collars, stoppers and wine racks. By aiding in storing and serving wine, wine accessories can help the enthusiast enjoy their wine experience to the fullest. Some wine enthusiasts even boast of their own personalized wine bottles and customized accessories.

Moreover, wine charms made out of silver, gold and other materials can make any wine-drinking activity more pleasing to the eyes, leading to the perception of better enjoyment. The enjoyment of wine is sensory and starts from the sight of the drink through the transparent bottle or glass after it has been poured . Wine is similar to food in that your expectations are heightened when you see it well presented regardless of what it eventually tastes like. The type of glass is important. But for some the irresistible moment is hearing that popping off of the wine cork. A sound that is captured by the ear sending all sorts of messages to the brain – either of great joy or dread, depending on ones motivation or health.

There are many styles of wine glasses, each with their own charm and personalized appeal. While wine bottle openers have become somewhat obsolete, thanks to the growing popularity of screw-caps, having a wine bottle opener still adds an elegant touch to wine drinking. Wine bottle openers can range from traditional corkscrews, wine keys and screw-pull levers to more complicated wine bottle openers driven by carbon dioxide.

Wine decanters are glass containers used to serve wine. They maximize the wine’s aeration by exposing the wine to more oxygen. This enhances the taste and bouquet of wine. It’s also easier to pour wine from a decanter because wine is less likely to spill or dribble.

Wine collars are placed around the wine bottle’s neck to absorb any spillage when the wine is poured. It’s an important accessory for preventing wine stains on your clothes or table cloths.

Wine coolers are nice to have around because they can ensure that the wine is served at its proper temperature, especially for white, rose and sparkling wine. Highly fruity wines are usually served chilled whilst dry wines are served warm. The temperature helps regulate the amount of molecules allowed to escape into the air, to an extent. Especially at wine tastings, the correct temperature can help ensure the wine taster’s olfactory senses remain unbiased. Small wine coolers can be placed right on your table top. If you have a large wine collection, you will be better served by large refrigerator units so you can keep your wine bottles chilled at various temperatures.

Finally, wine racks are used for storing wine bottles in a slightly slanted manner to ensure that the wine touches the cork so it doesn’t dry up. Wine racks are usually accessories of serious wine enthusiasts and wine connoisseurs. They provide a neat way to utilize space when there are multiple bottles to store. With the right rack the life time of a bottle of wine can be prolonged as the cork will remain moist for longer and air would not get into the bottle easily.

If you want to save yourself from the hassles of having to store wine and buying racks or large refrigerator units, it’s best to order your wine only as the need arises. Thanks to the Internet, ordering wine is no longer a hassle. 

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