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Preston Smith’s Oh, I Love You So, featured in the 1988 film Cocktail. Overview Director:Roger Donaldson Writer (WGA):Heywood Gould (screenplay) Release Date:20 January 1989 (UK) Tagline:When he pours, he reigns. more Plot Outline:A talented New York bartender takes a job at a bar in Jamaica and falls in love. Awards:Nominated for Golden Globe. Another 5 wins & 3 nominations more. Cast (Cast overview, first billed only) Tom Cruise … Brian Flanagan Bryan Brown … Douglas ‘Doug’ Coughlin Elisabeth Shue … Jordan Mooney Lisa Banes … Bonnie Laurence Luckinbill … Richard Mooney Kelly Lynch … Kerry Coughlin Gina Gershon … Coral Ron Dean … Pat Flanagan Robert Donley … Eddie Ellen Foley … Waitress Eleanor Andrea Morse … Dulcy Chris Owens … Soldier Justin Louis … Soldier John Graham … Soldier Richard Thorn … Soldier

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I’m putting together a cocktil party and i need to buy every thing from glasses to the drink i to put in them. But i would like to know the best plase to buy every thing for my cocktail needs. Mixers, cocktail umbrellas, cherrys etc etc
Is there a wholesale place?

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April Wine – I Like To Rock

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It is always best to start with an overview of your drinks and beverage plans for any party especially your wedding.

Before the actual ceremony it is always best to start off with non alcoholic beverages – cups of hot chocolate in the winter , a spitzer with passion fruit , mint , bitters and club soda in the summertime. Don’t be shy with the garnish – it will make the drink taste twice as delicious.

The cocktail itself has made a big comeback. After the ceremony, feature a good mixed drink such as a lychee martini or something tropical in addition to the regular champagne and bar service.

Always involve the professionals who are involved with actually purveying your wine. They know best and have the best knowledge of what is best – and what are best value as well as your other choices as well as the specific time to best serve the specific treats. Remember you wedding are your day in the sun. Hopefully it only happens once. These people are professionals who do this all the time – day in and day out. They are proficient in their wedding presentation skills. Why not use them to your best advantage?

Champagne is definitely the beverage most associated with weddings. Currently, the most popular type of champagnes chosen for weddings is the Rose Champagnes. There are also many high quality sparkling wines available from California’s Napa Valley, Australia, Italy and South Africa. True authentic Champagne is the name for a sparkling type wine that can only come from the specific Champagne region of France and nowhere else. If the wine does not come specifically from the Champagne region of France then it cannot be legally or accurately called Champagne. It is not Champagne only a variety and type of sparkling wine.

The larger the bottle of Champagne indeed the more impressive the moment of moments. For added emphasis you can get extra points by opening the Champagne wine bottle with a sabre and pouring it into coup glasses fashioned in a classic Champagne pyramid.

Brut Champagne is dry and goes well with hors d’oeuvres and savory as well as spicy foods. Champagne labelled extra dry is actually sweeter than brut and works nicely as an aperitif and with some chosen deserts. Champagne labelled demi-sec is slightly sweeter and is the best desert companion.

You can count on each 750 milliliter bottle of champagne to yield five to seven servings. The mark of a well made Champagne or sparking is a steady stream of air bubbles ascending from the bottom of the glass to the top; the smaller the bubbles then it can be ascertained then the better the quality of the Champagne.

All in beverages are a major component of the planning of any party or festivity – especially your wedding. The beverages served are highly visible both in quality, presentation, serving and brand name of course in addition to taste and bouquet. Especially in terms of wine almost every person considers they a wine expert. It can be the said that the few people you know who do not consider themselves wine connoisseurs are probably not on your wedding invitation list.

Remember it is “Your Day in the Sun”. Plan ahead. Plan well. Do not leave your beverage plans for your wedding either not emphasized in your planning or planning details near the bottom of your wedding and wedding meal catering list.

Ladies dresses! There is so much, one can easily get on what to choose and how to choose. Women have now started excelling in almost in every field. When it comes to how a woman carries herself fully depends on the way she dresses. Costume plays a major role in a woman’s life. When it comes to ladies dresses there is a wide collection in charming styles and designs. To equal the beauty, there are lots of dresses been embellished with embroidery, mirror work on pleasing colours. From full sleeves to knee length dresses there is a wide range.

From a designer gown, tube tops to spaghetti strap gown the list is endless. Women generally go crazy when it comes to party. Anytime of the year they don’t say no to parties. It’s with them always. When it comes to ladies party wear again one would become so confused on what to choose. Women make sure they look the best for the party. From a traditional one to western party wear the variety is high and is amazing. Be it is just a stand-up collar dress, jacket dress, off the shoulder dress, sheath or corset dress any of the above is sure to make the evening exotic

When it comes to cocktail dresses ladies go crazier than ever. A woman who says no to a cocktail dress is rare. A cocktail dress is sure to add a dazzling effect and adds to one’s complexion.  A cocktail dress is something which is very short.  The cocktail dress is said to be the most versatile dress for any occasion and it doesn’t mean that one has to drink to wear it.  The cocktail dress is generally blank and one has to add accessories to make it look striking. Ladies dresses are available in plenty and in most unique patterns and designs.

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